Joe Manganiello Offers Heartfelt Post to Wife Sofia Vergara on Her Birthday

Joe Manganiello Offers Heartfelt Post to Wife Sofia Vergara on Her Birthday

Joe Manganiello celebrated Sofia Vergara's 49th birthday with a heartfelt post on Instagram with a short and sweet message
Jennifer Lopez

Latina Celebrities Who Seem to Stay Forever Young

Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Sofia Vergara - those are just a few names that come to mind when we think of some of the most beautiful women to ever walk in front of the public eye. And, yes, they all happen to be Latina celebrities.
Top Latino artists

Your Next Binge-Watch: Hollywood TV Shows With Top Latino Celebrities

Thanks to different streaming services, being entertained is now at the palm of our hands. However, with a variety of choices to choose from, choosing what to watch may take longer than watching the show itself.
Sofia Vergara

What Happened to Sofia Vergara's Brother?

Colombian-born actress Sofia Vergara got emotional during last week's episode of "America's Got Talent" after a contestant revealed that his sister died around the same time Vergara's brother was murdered.

“Gracias, My Modern Family!” Sofia Vergara Get's Sentimental at Series Finale

After 11 seasons, 250 episodes, and 11 years on air, the Modern Family has finally drawn to a close this April 9, 2020, and as the two-art finale went on air, show stars like Sofia Vergara become sentimental.
Sofia Vergara graces the red carpet at the Oscars

Five Latino American Stars Latinos Need to Follow

In the modern age Instagram has become a popular tool to show off pictures and create unique accounts that highlight everyday activities and professional accomplishments. Latinos are 38 percent of the users, the second highest among demographics. But with so many instagram pages online it is hard to know exactly who to follow or what to look at. The following are accounts that Latinos should follow as they showcase several different crafts and different types of celebrities.
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A Look at the Latinos Who Made it Big in Hollywood

Latinos have been steadily making names for themselves in Hollywood, both behind and in front of the camera.
Jane The Virgin

Best of 2015: Five Latin TV Stars Who Made an Impact This Year

This year had a number of incredibly talented TV celebrities that put a mark in the TV industry and showcased that Latinos are important to the Entertainment business. Here is a look at five stars who had an incredible year.
The Latin Explosion: A New America

HBO to Premiere New Documentary 'The Latin Explosion: A New Experience'

HBO is set to unveil its latest documentary, "The Latin Explosion: A New Experience," which aims to capture the history of prominent Latinos in US history.
Spanish-American Contemporary Artist Domingo Zapata to Create American Flag Installation for World Trade Center

Spanish-American Contemporary Artist Domingo Zapata to Create American Flag Installation for World Trade Center

Renowned Spanish-American contemporary artist Domingo Zapata is planning to bring his creative and innovative touch to the lobby of One World Trade Center, also known as the Freedom Tower, with a commemorative and colossal American flag installation.
Sebastian Rulli

Social Media Wrap-Up: Sebastián Rulli, Sofia Vergara, Thalia and Other Latino Stars Celebrate Halloween [Pics]

Celebrities love to dress up, and nothing proves this more than Halloween. As many are invited to lavish parties or have children they want to dress up, fans get to see just how stars do Halloween. Here is a collection of Latino stars getting into the Halloween spirit.

'Matador' Cast, El Rey Network Continue to Mourn the Death of Elizabeth Peña With Touching Tribute by Gabriel Luna

"Elizabeth was electric. She was magnetic. She was gravitational. A complete FORCE" -- Gabriel Luna from El Rey Network's hit spy thriller "Matador."
Sofia Vergara

Latino Diversity and Visibility Still Lacking in Both English- and Spanish-Language Media

The varied and distinct collection of Latino sub-groups and cultures fail to be properly represented on the screen, and the highest-earning Latinos in Hollywood tend to be noticeably lighter. While darker Latinos have increased in numbers onscreen, they are almost exclusively cast in supporting roles, and often they play exclusively black characters.
Antonio Guerra

DJ Antonio Guerra Mixes Traditional Music With 'Techno-Cumbias' and Reggaetón for a Modern Clientele

DJ Tone, whose real name is Antonio Guerra, was voted the No. 1 Club DJ in San Antonio, Texas in both 2012 and 2013, accomplishments that then led to the coveted title of People en Español's No. 1 DJ in the entire state of Texas.
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'Chef' Movie Review: An Intimate & Autobiographical Return to Form by Jon Favreau

Back in 2008, director Jon Favreau was a hero. The auteur had just given the world the first "Iron Man" movie. He already had a proven track record with a number of other major hits, but "Iron Man" seemed like a new beginning for the filmmaker. However, his place in Hollywood was not a particularly stable one. Just a few years later his "Iron Man" sequel was blasted critically; a year later his "Cowboys & Aliens" flopped critically and at the box office. The fall seemed swift for the filmmaker. But Favreau has not given up. He has returned to his roots of indie film-making with "Chef," arguably his most autobiographical film to date.

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb Break Up: Vergara Blames Hectic Work Schedule

Couple got engaged in July 2012.
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