After two years of investigating whether or not Jenni Rivera's death was an accident, Mexican officials' efforts have come up inconclusive.

"We haven't been able to [find out what happened] and the investigation is over," said Gilberto Gomez Meyer, director of civil aviation in Mexico, in an episode of "El Gordo y La Flaca." "But the impact was so violent, the velocity of the impact was, surely, supersonic. It was so big that the only thing we could find ... that was identifiable from the black box of the recorder was the covering, or the outer layer."

Meyer went on to explain that the exterior of the black box is a bright red. There was nothing else that could be identified because any pieces of evidence were destroyed in the crash.

Raul de Molina shared his opinions on the same show. He doesn't believe the accident was caused by a a bomb because if it was, then remnants of the bomb would have been found. He also said at the beginning of the show that it was reported that the plane didn't have a black box.

Jenni's sister, Rosie Rivera, recently spoke up about the investigation and said that soon she and her family would have answers.

"We are close to knowing the truth about the accident," she said, according to TV y Novelas.

Rosie and the rest of her family recently paid tribute to Jenni on the two-year anniversary of her death.

Chiquis RIvera wrote a touching message on Instagram on Dec. 9.

"I don't have words, other than, I miss you," she said. "Life was just so much more enjoyable with you here. I love you. So much. #MyMomma #JenniVive"

Chiquis also revealed on "Ventaneando" that her brother, Johnny Lopez, has asked for footage from Jenni's last concert. Chiquis said the family has the audio, but that her brother, who is an aspiring filmmaker, wants the footage for Christmas.