A Christian Tennessee mother is outraged by what she found on a school bus’ rear lights: a pentagram. She claims the symbol to be Satanic and is calling for others to be outraged with her.

The mother was appalled to find a pentagram on the back of a school bus in Cordova, Tennessee, according to WMC Action News 5. She snapped a photo of the rear lights that showed a five-pointed upside down in red, the color of the bus’s brake lights.

"Anyone who fears a God, if not God and Jesus Christ, should be outraged," she said.

The news station refused to identify the woman because she had began to receive death threats due to her beliefs on the school bus pentagram. According to 11 Alive, however, her name is Robyn Wilkins. 

"If you can't put a cross on there, you cannot put a pentagram on it," the mother said, explaining any Christian should be upset about the image being on a public school bus used to transport children.

The bus company, Durham School Services, has not made a comment on the matter.

The mother wants the lights replaced for solid brake lights, however, Jo Applewhite, a Wiccan, said people should research the symbol more before jumping to conclusions. According to Applewhite, the shape is neither Satanic nor evil.

"Find out what it really means before you start getting riled up and all worked up about something," she said. "Wiccans, we believe in God. We believe in Jesus, but we don't call him God."

Parents and others have taken to social media to debate the topic of the so-called Satanic pentagram brake lights.