The Evad3rs jailbreak hackers seem to be doing some more traveling after recently returning from a trip to attend iOS 7 hacking meetings.

Nikias Bassen, who works on the Evad3rs jailbreaking team, said on Twitter this week that she is currently in Phuket, a city in Thailand. She apparently traveled there from Bangkok, where she said she was in a tweet on Tuesday.

It is still unclear whether we will finally see a breakthrough in the iOS 7 jailbreak anytime soon. Apple is known to crack down on the jailbreaks and each additional release brings new challenges and obstacles for the hackers.

Developers have told people to remain patient while they work to crack the code. Some people are expecting February 2014 to be the release date for the jailbreak but nothing has been announced. The jailbreakers indicated that they might have all the pieces ready but also didn't want to confirm a release date in case something changes.

The developers will also have to work with the newer iPhones because Apple also introduces new security features for each additional phone, making it more difficult for hackers to break through. If they wait too long on this, the jailbreaks will only be available on some of the oldest iPhones that will be aging even more soon with the iPhone 6 expected to be released at some point in 2014.

The jailbreakers will also have to work on the newer iPads in order for them to be jailbroken. Apple just rolled out the new iPads this month.