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Apple's Possible Supreme Court Argument Against FBI Could be 'Code is Protected Speech'

Here's the free speech argument Apple may end up using to defend itself and its encrypted devices.

Apple vs FBI: The Road to a High Profile Showdown

A federal judge has ordered a defiant Apple to help the FBI crack a secure iPhone that belonged to one of the shooters in the San Bernardino attack. How did this happen?
iPhone 6

T-Mobile Cyber Monday iPhone 6 Deal Knocks $100 off Memory Upgrade

In the spirit of the holidays, T-Mobile is offering a pretty savory Cyber Monday deal on a brand new iPhone 6.
HTC One Mini 2

HTC One Mini 2 Expected to Be Released in Europe at Month's End

HTC has shrunk its flagship smartphone, the HTC One (M8) -- again.

Evad3rs Jailbreak Group Member Tweets About iOS 7.1; What About iOS 8 Jailbreak?

A member of the Evad3rs hacking group reminded jailbreak fans last week not to upgrade to iOS 7.1 but provided no indication about the group's plans for future jailbreak updates.

Evad3rs Member Says We Should 'Expect' iOS 8 Jailbreak; iOS 7.1 Update Doubtful

Despite Apple's announcement this week about the release of iOS 7.1.1, the chances of an iOS 7.1 Jailbreak update are starting to slip away.

Apple Might Raise Price of iPhone By $100, Analyst Says; iPhone 6 Photo Leaked?

Just months after Apple finally catered to lower-budget markets by releasing the cheaper iPhone 5c, the tech giant might be sending overall iPhone prices back up.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Apple iPhone 5

What Should We Expect With Samsung Galaxy S4 After The S5 Release?

Samsung Galaxy S4 users might be ready to make the switch over to the upgraded Samsung Galaxy S5, but there is no need to rush: Samsung is still providing updates for Android 4.4 KitKat.
Samsung Galaxy S4

Aio Wireless, Net10 Among Best Alternatives To Mainstream Phone Companies

No-contract smartphone plans are all the rage these days.

Auxo 2 Tweak Released Today on iOS 7 Jailbreak; What About The iOS 8 Jailbreak?

People in the jailbreak community have been waiting on the edge of their seats for the newest edition of A3 Tweaks' 'Auxo 2'. Today, the wait is finally over

Amazon & Best Buy Offering Deals On iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Cases; Sprint, T-Mobile Offering S4 Deals

Plenty of attention has been given to the Samsung Galaxy S5 ever since it was recently unveiled, but what does this mean for Android users who still have its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4?
Flappy Bird screenshot

New Spinoff Version Of Flappy Bird Is Off The Screen And In A Box [WATCH]

Anything can happen when it comes to the popular Flappy Bird game.
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iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Shown on iPhone 4, But What About iPhone 4s, 5s, & 5c? [WATCH]

Just days after everyone was jumping to conclusions about Apple wiping out the iOS 7 jailbreak forever, the hackers have turned the tables once again.
Facebook Paper iOS app on iPhone 5s

China Mobile Annual Profit Drops, First Time in 14 Years; How Apple Inc. iPhone Could Help 4G Plans

The world's largest mobile carrier revealed it encountered its first annual profit drop in 14 years.
Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Is Reportedly Experiencing Production Issues With New Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung apparently is unable to keep up with its own hype. The company announced the newest line of Samsung Galaxy phones earlier this month, the Samsing Galaxy S5, but production issues are starting to become an issue, according to reports.
Apple iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c to Relaunch at 8GB? Apple Document Revealed

According to a leaked document, the tech giant will allegedly release an 8GB version of its iPhone 5c budget phone.
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