iOS 7 enthusiasts will have to wait just a little bit longer for the next jailbreak.

An Evad3rs iOS 7 developer provided an update on the progress they have made with the next jailbreak, but gave no indication of a release date.

" ... yes we (@evad3rs) are still working on the iOS7 JB. Just be patient," Nikias Bassen said in a tweet from the @pimskeks Twitter account.

The update follows the one posted by the Evad3rs on Oct. 29 when they said that they were "still working hard on the iOS7 jailbreak." The Evad3rs also said in the tweet that they were thinking about creating Evad3rs hoodies and they proceeded to ask whether people would be interested in buying one.

The latest relevant information from the Evad3rs prior to that came on Sep. 10 when they said they were "in a reconnaissance phase where we are identifying which exploits we have still work."

The release date has likely been backed up because of the extra loopholes that the Evad3rs have had to deal with. With each iPhone or operating system release comes more challenges for the hackers since Apple regroups and adds more restrictions every time.

Also, for the first time ever, Apple released more than one iPhone when the 5s and 5c were released together. The extra iPhones also would mean that the jailbreaks would have to do even more.

With this being said, when do you think the jailbreak will be released? Since there has not been a release date announced yet, it's officially up in the air.