After months of waiting for the Evad3rs to come through with a jailbreak release, the iOS 7 operating system is still standing in the way.

The latest update with the Evad3rs is on Twitter, where developer and hacker Nikias Bassen (@pimskeks) tweeted "Back in Bangkok." It remains unclear why the hackers have been traveling abroad beyond a trip that they recently took to attend sessions on iOS hacking. Still, Bassen tweeted just a few days ago saying that the Evad3rs "are still working on the iOS7 JB."

The speculation surrounding the timeframe of the next iPhone jailbreak has carried on for several months without much progress except for a small handful of tweets. These have tended to be just quick tweets to advise users that they are still working and that people should remain patient while they work to try to crack the code.

The iOS 7 operating system was released in early September and the Evad3rs immediately went to the drawing board. A tweet from @Planetbeing on Sept. 10 said that they were "actively" looking into the iOS 7.

In the meantime, the Evad3rs said right before Halloween that they were thinking about making hoodies and asked if others were interested. Considering at the Twitter accounts for the hackers have largely revolved around only tech information, it is highly unlikely that people would want hoodies when they have nearly a quarter of a million (243,840) people who have waited for several months to jailbreak their iPhones on the new operating system.