From the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the final "Monday Night Raw" before "WrestleMania 31" has arrived as WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is scheduled to confront his challenger, Roman Reigns.

One week after Reigns confronted Lesnar's advocate, Paul Heyman, the latter confirmed Lesnar will have a face-to-face confrontation with Reigns. The conclusion of the confrontation could indicate the finish of the main event. If Lesnar is shown to be dominated by the end of "Raw," Reigns will likely enter "WrestleMania" as the underdog and beat the odds against the champion. If Reigns looks strong by the end of Monday night, Lesnar will certainly be set to deliver another baker's dozen of German suplexes and land a victory.

Sting is also expected to make another consecutive return to "Raw." After Sting defended Randy Orton against The Authority, Triple H will be seeking revenge and have some type of an advantage ahead of Sunday night's four-hour show. Seth Rollins will also try to regain his momentum ahead of his one-on-one match against Orton. Rollins will likely try to confront Sting as well for interrupting last week's plans against "The Viper."

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Bray Wyatt will make another promo ahead of his match against The Undertaker. But with the final "Raw" set for tonight, "The Phenom" could issue an audio promo to baffle the enigmatic Wyatt.

The WWE Intercontinental Championship ladder match at "WrestleMania" has a star-studded lineup. IC Champion Bad News Barrett has started a minor winning streak following numerous losses during February and early March; could his streak continue and dominate at "WrestleMania"? Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler will seek payback for Barrett's attack during last Thursday's "SmackDown," but don't count out Dean Ambrose, who has made it his mission to be the next champion since late January.

Lana is still missing from broadcast television, while United States Champion Rusev has been dodging John Cena from a physical confrontation. Following the contract signing last Monday night, Rusev could use the final "Raw" before "WrestleMania" to surprise Cena and weaken him ahead Sunday's show. Cena will undoubtedly continue his "Never Give Up" mission and could give Rusev a surprise, or Lana could finally surprise everyone by reemerging from an undisclosed hiatus.

With the final "Raw" set for tonight, WWE has booked public figures to appear tonight. Rap icon Snoop Dogg and ESPN personality Bill Simmons are confirmed to visit the Staples Center tonight. While Simmons is scheduled to join the commentary booth at some point during the three-hour show, Snoop's role is unknown. The rapper could deliver a mini-concert, similar to Wiz Khalifa, as Snoop has a new album scheduled to be released on May 12.

The WWE is also expected to announce the final entrant to the Hall of Fame. Images circulating social media has shown Diesel, also known as Kevin Nash, as the final inductee for this Saturday's ceremony.



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