Pedro Almodovar has announced the cast to his upcoming film "Silencio."

Emma Suarez and Adriana Ugarte will be the leads to his film, which tells the story of a woman's life between 1985 and the present-day. Suarez and Ugarte are both new to Almodovar as they have never worked with the director.

Both actresses will play the lead role Julieta, a woman "struggling to survive on the verge of madness." Suarez is a Goya-nominated actress who has worked on "La Mosquitera" and "La Ardilla Roja" while Ugarte, also a Goya nominee, is known for her work in "Cabeza de Perro."

Other actors announced for the film include Argentina's Dario Grandinetti, who was recently seen in "Wild Tales" and also starred in Almodovar's Oscar winning film "Talk to Her" and Michelle Jenner, known for her work on "Isabel" and "Open Windows."

Inma Cuesta ("Tres Bodas de Mas"), Nathalie Poza ("Truman"), Pilar Castro ("La Gran Familia Espanola"), Susi Sanchez, ("Truman," "Los Amantes Pasajeros") and Joaquin Notario ("Dark Blue Almost Black") are also set to star in the film in supporting roles. Dario Grao will also star in the film.

According to Variety, "Silencio" will be about "inevitable destiny, a guilt complex, the unfathomable mystery which makes us abandon the ones we love, excising them out of our life as if they had never meant anything to us."

Almodovar is known for his work on 1999 film "All About my Mother," which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, as well as "Talk to Her," which took home the Best Screenplay award at the Academy Awards. He also directed the 1995 drama "The Flower of My Secret" and the 2006 film "Volver," which took home an Oscar nomination for Penelope Cruz. Other films he has directed include "Broken Embraces," "The Skin I Live in," "Bad Education" and "Live Flesh."

"Silencio" will mark Almodovar's twentieth feature and production is set to take place in May, shooting over much of Spain. The film will be produced by El Deseo, the Spanish production label founded by Pedro and brother Agustin Almodovar. Agustin Almodovar and Ester Garcia produce.

The film is set for 2016 and is rumored for the Cannes Film Festival for next year.