Lamar Odom finally closes his DUI arrest case by entering a no contest plea deal, which leaves the former NBA star sentenced with three-year probation, $1,814 in fines, as well as an order to complete an alcohol education program due June 9.

Odom was arrested on suspicion of DUI back in August. According to a report taken at the time of his arrest, Khloe Kardashian's estranged husband was driving in an erratic manner at 50 miles per hour, where the speed limit indicated 65 mph. Police then conducted a traffic stop and pulled him over around the Coldwater Canyon off-ramp on the 101 freeway.

After he was identified by his California driver's license, Lamar Odom was administered a field sobriety test, which he was unable to perform the test. Also, he was subsequently asked to take a breathalyzer test, which he refused to do. As a result, the basketball player spent a night in jail then was released from jail the morning following his arrest posting $15,000 bond, had his driver's license suspended and faced DUI charges.

In October, the basketball player originally pleaded not guilty after his August arrest. Lamar Odom's attorney Richard Hutton entered the plea on behalf of his client, and a separate DMV hearing has been scheduled to determine the status of Odom's now-suspended license.

The former NBA basketball player is currently working on a major comeback regarding his career. Lamar Odom, who is rumored to be considering a deal with the Clippers, has been spending weeks at a Rhode Island training facility.