The 'I only used smartphone cameras before' beginner

The Canon EOS M is Canon's first foray into the world of mirrorless cameras. Although its MSRP is $599.99, popular camera shop B&H has it on sale for just $349.99.

The EOS M offers amazing photo and HD video functionality that will put your Android or iOS device to shame. Its compact size also doesn't mean you have to think long and hard about taking it with you. Pair it with a Canon Speedlite flash and you have the perfect daytime and nighttime pocket camera. Hate flash? Thanks to its large sensor you don't need to stop shooting when the sun sets.

If you grow out of the supplied 18-55mm kit lens you can use any EF or EF-S series lens from Canon via an inexpensive adapter. That may get awkward though as some of Canon's lenses weigh well over a pound while the EOS-M is a svelte 9.24 ounces.

The budding paparazzo 

If you're in the market for a DSLR but strive to be a photographic ninja, a large camera body can blow your cover. Canon realized that their DSLRs were hulking beasts so they decided to shrink down their wildly popular Rebel line. The result: the Canon SL1, the world's smallest DSLR. The SL1 features many of the same great options found in the more expensive T5i without the extra heft.

It includes an optical viewfinder unlike mirrorless cameras, so getting the perfect composition each and every time is a piece of cake. Unlike the Canon T5i it doesn't feature a flip out LCD screen, which is useful for taking shots from untraditional vantage points. The SL1's diminutive size unfortunately adversely impacts its battery life. Rated for 380 shots, don't expect this camera to last all day, especially if you like to take advantage of JPEG burst mode. Pick one up for $539.00.

The Advanced Amateur

Out with the old, in with the new. That was Canon's motto when replacing its revered 60D. The popular semi-pro camera first debuted in August 2010 and was starting to show its age. Enter the Canon 70D; the new model features the best Autofocus ever on a consumer camera. You can literally intentionally shake the camera but, thanks to dual pixel AF, each and every frame of photo or video you capture is tack sharp.

New features include: in-camera HDR for amazingly colorful shots, an easy-to-use touch screen and a waterproofed body. The 70D is a true road warrior and at just $1,199.00 without a lens ($352 more than the outgoing model), why not get the latest and greatest midrange Canon DSLR?

The 'National Geographic, Mount Everest climbing' pro

The Canon EOS-1D X costs a wallet-bursting $6,799.00 brand new, but what you get for that amount of money is truly staggering. Dual Compact Flash slots for limitless shot taking adventures, a built-in battery grip for always on functionality, and a frost-proof/heat-resistant body good enough to go anywhere in the world.

The 1D X also features a Full Frame sensor for amazingly crisp and detailed images. Like most pro cameras, it doesn't include a lens so be prepared to shell out a lot more money. Perhaps the cameras most useful feature is its dual DIGIC 5+ processors. These CPU's enable the 1D X's sensor to capture noise-free images in the dark and enable it to take up to 12 RAW photos in a single second!

The Indie filmmaker and pro photographer

Back in 2008, a camera came out that changed the way TV and Film content was produced. That camera, the 5D Mark II, featured a mind-bending Full Frame 35mm sensor to go along with a high quality video mode. Able to record at 24fps the camera soon became utilized by small and large productions alike (notably House). Its successor, the 5D Mark III, is better in every way imaginable.

With a free hack you can make the 5D Mark III shoot RAW video footage to go with the RAW pictures you're accustomed to taking. This level of video quality was previously only available to dedicated Digital Cinema Cameras those Hollywood films are shot on. The Mark III also utilizes both SD and CF cards for convenience. Unlike the 1D X, it does not feature a built-in battery grip and is not nearly as indestructible. But for those that are staying in normal shooting environments the Mark III is unbeatable. Use it as a wedding camera or an undeniably unbeatable video camera. It retails for $3,999.00 with a 24-105mm L series professional lens.

The Oscar winning cinematographer

The Canon 1D-C is the best DSLR form factor camera ever released by the Japanese company. It has the same incredibly rugged, moisture resistant body as the 1D X, but with vastly improved video features. In fact, it's the first DSLR to include built in 4K recording to small, albeit expensive, high speed Compact Flash cards. 4K content feature four times as many pictures as 1080p HD video. At $11,999.00 you will likely never purchase one.