Another day, another Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher pregnancy/married/baby rumor... only this time, the rumor comes with a twist. 

According to, the latest rash of "Mila Kunis is pregnant & engaged" rumors have reportedly "devastated" Kutcher's ex-wife, Demi Moore, who has checked into rehab to deal with this news. "[Demi] is having a particularly hard time with the news due to [her and Ashton's] own fertility issues during their eight-year marriage. [She] was hesitant to have more kids but eventually agreed because of Ashton's desire for a family of his own. They tried everything, but it never worked," the site is reporting. "Demi Moore is on a mission to rid her life of anything connected to Ashton Kutcher ... [Moore] quietly dropped off her sparkler earlier this month at a Beverly Hills jeweler that specializes in high-end consignments ... Demi consigned the bling under the condition that her identity never be revealed." 

This news begs the question: if Demi is pawning rings "to be happy," what does she care that Ashton and Mila may (or may not) be pregnant? Demi was -- and is -- significantly older than Ashton. (She's 51; Kutcher is 35) Does it stand to reason that she would be infertile, at some point? She has three children with ex-husband Bruce Willis... can we chill out for a minute? Furthermore... rehab? Over a baby? Let's get a grip on reality for about 2.5 seconds.

Nevertheless, according to Fanshare, if Mila isn't already pregnant, she will be very soon. "They want babies, and they see no reason to wait. They kind of got engaged casually before his divorce was finalized. It just happened. They were going to make it official after the divorce went through -- though they don't really see the need to issue a press statement about it," reports the site.