Victoria's Secret model Lyndsey Scott certainly lives a double-life -- she recently revealed her off-duty job that has surprised many.

Scott previously walked Victoria's Secret fashion show's PINK segment, as well as the runways for Prada and Louis Vuitton, while simultaneously developing seven phone apps, two of which were chosen by Apple.

"If I had to liken her to someone, I'd say she's like Gisele Bundchen mixed with Bill Gates," said her brother Matthew Scott. "I can't imagine those two combined, but if they did, it would probably by Lyndsey."

Rather than promoting her quite impressive dual occupations, the 29-year old prefers to keep it on the down low.

"The industry makes an effort to reduce the model and, in a way, simplify things," she said of fashion. "They wouldn't talk about my education, they wouldn't talk about me ... in a way I understand."

Interestingly, the model incorporated her two careers in creating iPort, an app that allows models to upload their portfolio onto an iPad. The app also offers a clean, streamlined, and organized alternative to the paper book format.

"I built that app because it was something I personally needed," said Scott. "My book always ends up looking terrible, the books fall apart, the pages are tearing, it's dirty, and it's a mess."

Scott created another app called "Educate!" which is charity-based and helps find sponsors for young scholars in Uganda. Scott is currently developing another program that will "help people develop romantic, friendship, and professional connections."

In a recent Q&A, Lyndsey Scott was asked, "what does it feel like to go from physically unattractive to physically attractive?" by one of the users.

"It's been a rather jarring experience having people see and treat me the way they suddenly do now," said Scott. "I as bullied and often friendless throughout puberty because people automatically judged me ... The difference between then and now though is that back then, they wouldn't give me the chance to show then that I was kind of cool, and now they readily give me a chance ... and are then often disappointed that I'm kind of a nerd."

"It truly is my secret double life," she added. "It's not a nice way to live."