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Aliens & UFO Sightings: UFO Spotted in Gulf Shores, Alabama's Northern Cities Have Most Reports of UFOs

First Posted: Jun 09, 2015 04:20 PM EDT

Photo : Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A UFO was spotted last Thursday evening by an observer in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The observer claimed to have seen a ball of light but heard no sound, Alabama Media Group reported

The observer also said the object zoomed around the sky, changing elevation and speed and following the sighting, a military jet appeared, the report details

While playing volleyball, he saw periodic flashes of silent heat lightning in the sky. After those flashes, he saw a ball of light come out of a cloud. 

The observer said the object was the size, brightness and color of a planet in the sky, and it was white in color and had a consistent light that was not blinking. 

Originally the observer said the object was 200 yards away from him, above a seven or eight story pink building. Apparently the object moved toward him for about 100 yards and was then above a seven or eight story tan building. The object then shifted back to the west at the point he originally saw it and dropped in elevation to about 100 feet. Finally, he said the object increased its speed and elevation and went back into the clouds.

He concluded that the light kept showing from the object for a short bit of time before becoming blurred and then no longer visible.

Although Gulf Shores sits in the southern tip of Alabama, most UFO reports in Alabama come from the northern portion of the state.

The top nine Alabama cities for reporting UFOs are as follows:

1. Huntsville - 60

2. Birmingham - 50

3. Madison - 38

4. Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area - 36

5. Mobile/Dauphin Island - 29

6. Montgomery - 25

7. Phenix City - 15

8. Hoover - 13

9. Cullman - 10

Huntsville and nearby Madison are particularly high in reports of UFOs. The two cities combined have almost 100 reported UFOs since 1961. This could be attributed to military testing done at Redstone Arsenal being mistaken as UFOs.

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