If you like vanilla, chocolate and coffee, then you are in store for a real treat with "Magic Mike XXL," according to Jada Pinkett Smith -- and she's not referring only to ice cream!

Pinkett-Smith took on the empowering role of Rome, a club owner of an exotic entertainment palace and male review announcer extraordinaire.

During the filming, she enjoyed starring alongisde the entire cast, but she especially appreciated Adam Rodriguez' presence.

"That Latin swagger!" Pinkett Smith told Latin Post in an exclusive interview. "It was awesome. This was the first opportunity that I had to get to know Adam (Rodriguez) and was one of my favorites. He's sweet and awesome," the actress, who is also fluent in Spanish, added.

"That's what I love about this film is that they have men from all different cultures and they are bringing that flavor that they bring -- that variation. It was like Baskin Robbins up in there," she laughed.

In the film, Rome runs an exotic entertainment palace in Savannah, Georgia where she shows her "queens" how they should be worshiped with the help of steamy headliners including smooth moves-Michael Strahan as Augustus, "dancing phenom" Stephen 'tWitch' Boss as Malik and "romantic charmer" Donald Glover.

Rome and Mike (Channing Tatum) who were once romantically linked, reunite after eight years. While the chemistry still there, the loyalty is stronger. She lends a hand to Mike and the remaining "Kings of Tampa" and MC's the male stripper convention at Myrtle Beach.

Donning sexy lingerie to sleek outfits and stylish hats and heels, Pinkett Smith is fierce in her role as Rome.

Pinkett Smith collaborated with the costume designer to create her wardrobe.

"I wanted something that I could add power to and be sexy and be accessible to women and men. We just found that balance between that strength and femininity" she said.

"I feel like I wanted to embody that essence that every woman has - that sense of self-assurance and respect and dignity," she added, referring to her role.  "It's not an environment or platform that's just for men, but as women we can really hold our own as well. That probably was the aspect that was most important and the core and foundation in building her character.

What was it like for Pinkett Smith to be around all of that testosterone on set?

"It was pretty inspirational. I had the opportunity to just bask in and experience that masculine beauty that's not always in the forefront ... just have a group of guys to be inspired by that was just a rare experience for me. I don't know for anybody else!" she laughed. "That was just a rare experience for me that I look at a group of dudes and go 'wow.' That was pretty nice to be effected in that way."

If the roles were reversed and Pinkett Smith was an exotic dancer, she has a few tricks up her sleeve.

She said she would dance to Ashanti's 2009 hit, "Good, Good." "I think that would be a perfect song to dance to!"

Referring to the atmosphere on set as "safe, welcoming and open," Pinkett Smith pointed out that "all the men on the set had such a high regard for women."

"It was like a party every day," she added. "The dances were so beautifully choreographed. It was just pure entertainment."

The role of Rome was originally written for a man, but Tatum reached out to her and encouraged her to take on the role.

"I think one of the most impressive statements or asks that Channing had for me was that he wanted to bring in that sense of responsibility into this aspect of adult entertainment and I just thought that was a radical idea. I am just glad that he thought of the beauty and strength of a woman to do this," she said.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of making the movie was the "camaraderie" that Pinkett Smith felt with all of the women in the audience, she pointed out.

"We were all there giving each other the license to cut loose. It was a very intimate experience," she said. "There was a special psychology that was happening in the idea of allowing ourselves to be open in public with one another. It was like everybody in the room was my girlfriend somebody that I've known since school."

Pinkett Smith, who had never been to a strip club before, added that she's been to the "best male-review of all time."

"What I am hoping is that with these male reviews that they will step their game up. That they will actually think about what women want," she said. "I think that Channing did a real beautiful of thinking about what women want to see versus what men think women want to see."

"Magic Mike XXL" reunites Rodriguez, Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash and Gabriel Iglesias, the stars of the 2012 worldwide hit "Magic Mike."

The story line picks up three years after Mike gave up his life of stripping at a time when he was on fire in the industry. "Magic Mike XXL" finds the remaining Kings of Tampa also ready to turn in their thongs for a normal lifestyle.

They won't go down without some laughs, killer moves, and good times on the road with stops in Jacksonville and Savannah as they make their way down to Myrtle Beach for one last major gig, alongside the top headliner Magic Mike.

Joining the returning cast, in brand new roles, are Amber Heard ("The Rum Diary"), Donald Glover ("Community"), Stephen 'tWitch' Boss ("Step Up Revolution") and Michael Strahan ("Live with Kelly and Michael"), with Andie MacDowell ("Footloose"), Elizabeth Banks ("The Hunger Games" franchise) and Pinkett Smith ("Gotham").

Check out the official trailer for "Magic Mike XXL," which hits theater on Wednesday, July 1, 2015.