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15 Biggest Mistakes in the "Star Wars" Movies

First Posted: Jan 25, 2014 01:22 PM EST

As much as we love our galaxy far, far away, there are more than a few mistakes in the Star Wars saga, and they're not all critical errors made by the Emperor. (Whaddup Mon Motha!) Now, with Episode VII approaching fast on the horizon, one can only hope that JJ Abrams crosses all his Ts and dots all his I's, but eagle-eyed nerds such as myself will definitely be on the lookout for even the most minor mistake.  

With that in mind, then, here's the top 15 mistakes found in the Star Wars saga as it stands to date.

15. Han's Magically Appearing Jacket (The Empire Strikes Back): In the classic "I love you/I know" scene, take a look at what Han's wearing right before Leia says, "I love you." (It's a plain white shirt.) Now watch what happens when the camera pans back to Han after Leia makes her proclamation -- his jacket has magically appeared. (Maybe it was the Force...) Then, as he's being lowered into the carbonite freezing chamber, the jacket is back off again. 

14. Lando's Magically Disappearing Gloves (Return of the Jedi): During the battle on Tatooine, Lando was wearing a pair of gloves as he dangled above the Sarlaac. Then, when Han pulls him up, he's no longer wearing the gloves. How would he have had the time to take them off?

13. What Happened To The Force, Guys? (Revenge of the Sith): At this point, it's been firmly established that both Obi-Wan and Anakin are skilled in Force usage. The Force can affect all things, both sentient and mechanical. So why didn't either Obi-Wan or Anakin think to use the Force to get rid of the buzz droids that attack Obi-Wan's ship, thereby causing all sorts of havoc? What's with the "fly boy" moves, Anakin? Adventure, excitement... a Jedi craves not these things. (Although that might explain it right there...)

12. Not the Face! Not the Face! (A New Hope): During one of the first scenes, Darth Vader chokes and subsequently breaks the neck of the rebel who refuses to give up the location of the Death Star plans. We can all agree that a broken neck, in this galaxy or any other, means that you're dead or you're very badly paralyzed. So, when Vader subsequently threw the rebel up against the wall, why did the rebel put his hands up to avoid having his face smashed against the wall?

11. Into the Garbage Shoot, Fat Boy (A New Hope): When Leia blasts a hole into the detention block's garbage chute, the hole is only big enough for one person to get through at a time. But right after Leia gets down the chute, the hole is big enough for all four of our heroes to get through at the same time. Since Leia couldn't have weighed more than 115lbs. at the time, how did the hole get so big?

10. Because Bleach Doesn't Exist in a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Residents Need to Wear Stain-Proof Clothes (Attack of the Clones): When Amidala gets whipped by the creature on Geonosis, the creature tore her shirt and sleeve & left the mother of all gashes on her back. She's wearing all white, and the gash is definitely bleeding, but her white top (or what's left of it) remains squeaky clean -- it not only doesn't get one drop of blood on it, it doesn't get an ounce of dust or sand or any other pollutant on it, either.

9. Another Jar-Jar Binks Burn (The Phantom Menace): When Qui-Gon, Amidala, and Jar-Jar meet Shmi and Anakin for the first time, Shmi pours water for all the world-weary travelers. But when she gets to Jar-Jar, she pours the pitcher... and no water comes out! PARCH, JAR JAR!

8. No, She Doesn't Have It Where It Counts Either (A New Hope and any other movie featuring the Millenium Falcon): When viewed from the outside, the Millenium Falcon's control center has four windows. When viewed from the inside, it only has three. Where's the fourth window?!

7. A Pimp Needs To Find Time to Polish His Helmet (Return of the Jedi): When the Emperor is blasting Luke with Force lightning, the camera periodically pans to Vader for reaction shots... where his helmet alternates between being dusty and being shiny. Apparently, he didn't feel too badly for his son getting blasted with Force lightning if he had time to get his dome polished (pause...) while it was going on.

6. The Wookkiee Wears Shoes (A New Hope): When Han runs into the room full of Stormtroopers, pay attention to Chewbacca's feet as he runs in behind him. That's right -- THE WOOKKIEE WEARS SHOES! (Although he still doesn't wear pants, I'm afraid...)

5. What Pretty Eyelashes You Have, Vader (Revenge of the Sith): If you've been the unfortunate victim of a severe burn, and the burn was hot enough to singe off the hair on your face and head, your eyelashes are going to get it too. But on Mustafar, Anakin's been burned to High Hell, and every hair on his face has been burned off... with the exception of his eyelashes, which are still magically not only there, they're long and luxurious. (Maybe it's Maybelline...)  

4. Take Heart, Ladies: Personal Hygiene Products Exist On Tatooine (The Phantom Menace): Stuck on Tatooine and having a bit of a "hairy" problem? Never fear -- find a Jedi and ask to borrow his Comlink. (Qui-Gon's "super-high-tech" Comlink is a Gillette Sensor Excel razor painted black. Take a look.)

3. Pearl Strands Untwist Themselves (Revenge of the Sith): When Anakin awakes from the bad dream, he recounts the dream to Padme. In the first frame, the pearls on her nightgown are all twisted. In the second one, they're straight again.

2. R2-D2 Gets Levitated (The Phantom Menace): When a sandstorm is coming and Anakin offers Qui-Gon and company some shelter, look behind R2-D2 -- there are no tracks leading to him, while everyone else has footprints and tracks behind him. Someone got carried away, it seems...

1. Luke Gets A Nosejob (The Empire Strikes Back): Everyone noticed how different Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) looked between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Specifically, they noticed how different his nose looked. Hamill didn't get the nose job out of vanity: he was in a severe car wreck, and the wreck left his nose and cheekbone fractured. As an end result, he underwent seven hours of surgery to put his face back together. The Wampa scene wasn't even supposed to happen -- George Lucas wrote it in to account for Mark's healing face and subsequent new nose. 

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