Comic-Con brought a great deal of excitement for "Star Wars" fans with a panel featuring the cast of the film and a three-minute video taking fans behind the scenes.

As might be expected, a great deal was revealed about the upcoming "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Here are some major things we learned from the event.

Domhnall Gleeson's Character

Most of the major characters had already been identified, but there had been one missing -- Domhnall Gleeson's. That is no longer an issue as it was revealed he will play the evil General Hux in the film. Gleeson said the character was pure evil and even joked, "He's evil, so yeah," when asked by panel moderator Chris Hardwick for verification.

Gleeson also let another major detail slip during the conference . . . 

Starkiller Base

Gleeson stated during the panel his character General Hux was in command of Starkiller Base. Star Wars fans recognize Starkiller as the original surname of Luke Skywalker.

Princess Leia's Look

Late in the three minute video showcased during the event was the first image of Princess Leia in the film. For those expecting her to be clothed in fancy attire that befits a Queen or Political ruler, disappointment will set in. Instead, Carrie Fisher was dressed in what looked like a military outfit. What this implies about her role is unknown; after all it was a brief clip.

Simon Pegg in the Film

The video also showcased Simon Pegg in costume. From the looks of it, the longtime Star Wars fan (and prequel hater) could simply be playing an extra in the film. Of course, he might be playing a major character in costume.

Storm Troopers with Flamethrowers

The Storm Troopers are often reviled for being the most inefficient military personnel in film history. Despite being the sharpshooting Clones in the prequel films, the soldiers from the original trilogy were rather poor at hitting their targets and seemed rather lacking in common sense.

That could potentially change in the new film as a clip at the 1:30 mark of the video showed the troopers using flamethrowers. This by no means indicates marksmanship, but it should make up for the need to hit precise targets with a blaster.