The cast of Hulu's "East Los High" has put in the hard work, sweat and dedication into their dance routines -- so much so that fans might just be blown away by the dance battles in Season 3.

"We go co-ed this season. We definitely work our butts off with some amazing numbers. The chemistry between the boys and girls is great and is definitely worth the wait," "East Los High" star Alexandra Rodriguez, who plays Gina Barrios, told Latin Post in an exclusive interview.

"East Los High" fans have been anxiously waiting for the return of Hulu's original and Emmy-nominated series, but as Barrios points out there has been a lot of work involved with perfecting the dance routines.

What does it take to be a member of the Bomb Squad?

"The training that goes into it, we're not just winging it," she explained. "We put in the time and the sweat. You can see the episodes and all of the numbers and you can see how much work we put into it. ... Pretty much our weekends are rehearsal days -- seven to eight hours on Saturday and Sunday."

Besides the members of the Bomb Squad, there are many dancers and choreographers that are involved in the dance battles, pointed out "East Los High" newcomer Carlito Olivero, who plays Eddie.

When scouting for dance battles, the Bomb Squad's choreographer picks the "best of the best."

"It's nerve-wracking to know that we are going to dance with people who are on tour with JLo or Beyoncé and then they are going to battle against us," Olivero said. "We want to show them a competition.

"Even though we all come from a dance background, we are all really into acting and our characters, but we want to put our all into the choreography as well," he added. "You can get an all-around show - drama, love and amazing dancing. Just the plot is beautiful."

Should fans be looking out for a particularly hot number this season?

"I would say probably the Valentine's Day number," Rodriguez said. "It's a sexy number and for sure people are going to go crazy."

"It will definitely make people want to dance," Olivero added. "You can really see how much we've grown by the end of the season."

Both Rodriguez and Olivero also appeared on "The X Factor USA."

Check out the promo for "East Los High" Season 3, which is currently streaming on Hulu.