It seems that when one door for the release of Grand Theft Auto V PC closes, another window allegedly opens. Last week, gamers watched as another Grand Theft Auto V PC rumor proved to be false. A new release date rumor, however, has arrived to rejuvenate the hopes of not only PC players, but PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers as well.

Last week, a manager of an Elgiganten, a Nordic retailer owned by Dixons Retail UK, reported that the store would be accepting pre-orders for Grand Theft Auto V PC starting Friday, Jan. 31. The manager "confirmed" the news to Gamereactor.

Friday came and went, but the retailer never opened up pre-orders for the PC game, which Rockstar Games has yet to announce.

"We regret to inform you that our planned pre-sale of GTA V for PC must be postponed," Elgiganten told IncGamers yesterday. "We apologise for this, but promise to come back as soon as we have confirmed a release. Have a nice weekend."

Now, a new Grand Theft Auto V rumor has been born. This time, the report comes from the Czech Republic.

Czech retailer SuperGamer has three new Grand Theft Auto V listings: Grand Theft Auto V for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. According to the website, the games will be available starting Jun. 13. Fans say the rumor has at least some credibility as Jun. 13 is a Friday, and game releases tend to occur on Fridays.

Still, the latest Grand Theft Auto V rumor will remain just that until either Rockstar Games finally reveals something about the existence of the game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, or until Jun. 13 reveals the truth.

Hopefully, for gamers' sake, Jun. 13 will not end up closing doors on Grand Theft Auto fans like last Friday did.