Google Glass is more than just a recreational toy to play with.

The new glasses, which are equipped with just about as much technology as a computer, have made their way into both police stations and schools as people look to find ways to utilize the new eyewear.

According to multiple reports, the New York Police Department acquired at least two pairs of the glasses and it is yet to be determined how exactly they plan to use them. If anything, they will have a chance to test the glasses in various aspects of law enforcement.

Furthermore, the glasses are already becoming a part of classrooms around the country. Although Google Glass is only available to some people because it is still being tested, the technology is expected to be released to the general public by the tail end of 2014.

People are still learning how to use the glasses and, to some, they have brought back memories to the days when people would be just getting introduced to computers.

"Having a single pair of Google Glass in the classroom reminds me of the days of the one-computer classroom. Everyone had to wait for a turn to use the device," Kathy Schrock, a former librarian, said to CNN in an e-mail. "I think once we see a K-12 school pilot with a classroom set of Glass, there will be many more practical and creative uses showcased."

CNN also heard from Vandel Heuvel, a teacher who has been impressed not as much with the specifications -- because we know they are going to be impressive -- but rather he has been impressed with the way people have been discussing Google Glass.

"To me, the greatest value of Glass so far isn't what it's able to do, but the conversation being had nationally about how we interact with technology and how we want it to be part of society," he said to CNN.

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