Fans of Bethesda's upcoming "Fallout 4" will be disappointed to know that the video game developer has decided to remain mum about the plot and DLC details for the highly anticipated game.

In this age of hyped marketing and advertising for games and new titles, Bethesda has decided to go the other way and limit its information giveaway to fans. This is not because it is incapable of keeping up with other titles in terms of marketing, but the plan for the title is to keep it that way prior to its launch.

Bethesda's VP of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines, spoke to IGN and revealed that the limited information about "Fallout 4" is what the marketing plan for the title is.

"I would be stunned if we said anything else about the story ever again [prior to launch]," the executive said. "We're going to let everybody experience that in the game as much as possible. But there are certain trade-offs you have to make to build some amount of awareness to what the game is offering, so you're willing to make some sacrifices."

"Fallout 4" was unveiled at E3 last June, and its release date is in November. Compared to other AAA titles, the turnaround time is noticeably short, which led some fans to speculate that the game might not live up to expectations.

However, Hines added that director Todd Howard prefers a shorter turnaround time between the reveal and launch.

"If you ask Todd he'd probably prefer like a week or even a day between announce and launch," added Hines. The VP stated that Howard can be a bit of a "perfectionist," and showing off the game ahead of its launch often gives the director more bits and pieces to correct.

The marketing executive also stated that while "Fallout 4" will offer DLC and mod support in the future, the developers have placed those things on the backburner for the meantime and is "hundred percent" focused on the main game.

"Mod support, DLC... That's all nice, but if we don't deliver an awesome game by November 1th our DLC plans won't matter and our plans for mod support will be irrelevant," said Hines. "We have to deliver a great game [in the first place.]"

He did assure that the developers are already onto something with the expansion content for the future.

Hines also revealed that most of the focus centered on the "first-person combat" mode of the game.

The title is already available for pre-order on November 10 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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