An Apple Inc. patent has been filed with the aim to combat spam messages.

According to the application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple worked on an "integrated system" that will easily allow the creation and utilization of disposable email addresses.

"The disposable email address is created by an email server, which manages correspondence using the disposable email address to avoid exposing the associated non-disposable email address," noted the Apple patent titled "Disposable Email Address Generation and Mapping to a Regular Email Account." Context information may be associated with a disposable email address, where the context information is not visible in email sent using the disposable email address."

The patent also stated an expiration information could be linked to the disposable email address that will result in the email address to expire. The patent also addressed the possibilities of the email address being "misused," and it will allow the user to recognize what correspondent uncovered the disposable email address.

The Apple patent application revealed one or more programmable control devices will be able to read a "non-transitory program storage device" that comprises of saved instructions. The non-transitory program storage device will be responsible in creating the disposable email address.

The inventors of the Apple patent acknowledged emails have become "ubiquitous" and are utilized as often as postal addresses.

"When consumers use shopping websites to order goods or services, those websites typically request the consumer's email address to allow communication with the user about the order," the inventors wrote. "Even paper forms filled out with pen and ink often request email addresses."

The patent's background added, "With the increased usage and importance of email also came, unfortunately, misuse of email addresses to send undesirable commercial email in bulk, the 'junk mail' of the electronic world, often referred to as 'spam.'"

According to patent application No. 20140047043, reports have revealed 90 percent of all emails are spam.

"Numerous approaches to stopping spam email from reaching the inbox of consumers have been tried, with varying degrees of success. But spam continues to be a problem for many people."

"Disposable email addresses are typically created so that email to the disposable email address is automatically forwarded to a non-disposable email address. The disposable email address thus hides the non-disposable email address from those to whom the disposable email address is given. Disposable email addresses are generally intended to have limited lifespans. Should the address be abused, such as by being included in a spam email campaign, the disposable email address can be deleted, without interfering with the consumer's normal email address. This avoids the need to create a new email address for regular use by consumer, as well as the need to inform the consumer's correspondents of the new address."

The inventors of the "Disposable Email Address Generation and Mapping to a Regular Email Account " have been credited to Californians Cameron J. Esfahani, Carl J. Norum, Daniel R. Fletcher, James C. Murphy, Santo S. Sapienza, Shachar Ron, and Stanley A. Rabu.

The patent was originally filed to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Aug. 13, 2012.


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