Mila Kunis had a surprise in store for her boyfriend and former co-star Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher turned 36 on Feb. 7 and only enjoyed a casual lunch together, according to E! Online. Kunis, however, had other plans for the couple and surprised Kutcher with a dinner and party.

According to Us Weekly, Kunis surprised Kutcher by renting out his favorite restaurant for a small but lavish party the night of Saturday Feb. 8. The restaurant, La Poubelle, in Hollywood has been a favorite of Kutcher's for years, an insider said. The party was small with only close friends of the couple attending. Though perhaps it is better that the couple opted for a small get-together since it has been reported that company executives at Warner Bros., which owns his show, are unhappy with his extensive partying.

An insider told Us Weekly adds, "It was very small. Ashton has been going there for year and years. It's one of his favorite spots, like home, so it was comfortable and they were well taken care of." The source added that his friends helped rent out the restaurant that night.

It is reported that Kunis, who has been dating Kutcher for two years now, is "like part of the crew," according to an insider. "Mila gets along great will all of his friends." The source also said, "They had been planning it for awhile. Ashton didn't want a huge thing but they got a good group together. He's certainly changed from how he used to like to party years ago. This was more of a wholesome situation. They had a great time."

Aside from celebrating Kelso's birthday, the couple may be celebrating something more in the future. Rumors have been circulating, according to Us Weekly, that the couple is engaged and have been keeping it a secret.