Google Glass has been the center of several legal controversies in more than one country since its launch last year in the beta project. Currently, a few thousand people possess the fancy gadget which is considered by some people to be one of the most dangerous and disruptive modern devices today. What is Google Glass really and how does it work?

Google Glass has a 640x360 pixel resolution, which might seem low but the screen is attached very close to the right eye. According to Google, it can provide a picture similar to that of a 25-inch HD display when viewed at a distance of 8 feet. It also has a 5 megapixel built-in camera with 720p video capture capacity. Instead of a headset, the audio is delivered through a transducer which sends the sound vibrations directly through the small bones located in the ear. It has 16GB of storage memory, 4GB of which is used up by the software.

According to Google, the Glass can easily fit on any type of facial structure. It has three sets of adjustable nose pads to make its user feel comfortable. In terms of battery life, Google Glass is expected to last for a day of normal use although no exact battery life limit was released. This gadget also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. It can also be linked with other devices. The gadget can also be upgraded for those who wish to get new software versions for free.

Google Glass seemingly has endless potential; one can take photo using the gadget by simply blinking. The Glass can also assist in driving and it also has other potential uses in the field of engineering, architecture, and design. Even law enforcement agencies can make use of the Glass. It even has a lot of potential uses in the field of education. However, due to privacy issues and other security concerns, the release of the gadget is still being questioned in the legal arena and Google has yet to announce an official release date. The initial cost of the product was set at $1,500.