The concept of the video game movie is in peril. For years, the franchise languished becoming the black sheep of the industry. Where once many saw opportunity, now everyone watches on with dread. And who could blame them? After seeing so many critically disparaged renditions of "Resident Evil" and other guffawed films by Uwe Boll, it seems a natural reaction.

Let's not even bring up that 90s "Super Mario Bros."

Yet there seems to be no pull back from studios looking to make the genre respectable. Nintendo announced its intention rather recently, and it looks like a few famed franchises could be heading to cinemas.

But which film will pull the genre out of its bottomless pit and rise with the best of them?

Here is a look at some major films that could lead the video game movie to respectability.

Assassin's Creed

The obvious one because it is the next one the world will get to see. Aside from the fact that it features a tremendous team (Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard and director Justin Kurzel), the games themselves are cinematic in scope, establishing warring factions over years and years that can only be resolved by a hero in the present. It could all be a blunder, but the team involved inspires tremendous confidence.


This film is also in the works and provides yet another fantastic outlet to get the cinematic universe up and running. Led by a charismatic protagonist, the games play almost like Indiana Jones in another dimension. If the filmmakers can tap into that feel with Nathan Drake, then this film would be a huge hit.


A Metroid movie was in the works years ago before collapsing for numerous reasons. Metroid is a fantastic cinematic opportunity if only for its visual wealth and narrative simplicity. With the exception of more recent titles, Metroid has always been about Samus Aran isolated on a planet and finding her way through caves of alien creatures. In a way, one could imagine a skilled director dealing with the game as George Miller recently did with "Mad Max: Fury Road." Having Samus join forces with the Baby Metroid as she did in "Super Metroid" might provide the most riveting cinematic experience.

Super Mario Bros

The first attempt at this was a disaster. That mainly came down to translating this fictitious world of Mushroom Kingdom into a modern day urban area. It simply didn't work. But you know what could work? Mario in an animated feature. Then it would translate beautifully with opportunities to take shots at the characters numerous trademarks without worrying about "realism." The recent games have taken the stories a lot more seriously, showing the potential for translating this rich into cinematic narrative. If done in animated form, it could be truly compelling.

Metal Gear Solid

This is a risky proposition. It apparently is going to happen but one must ask, how will the film be? Under Hideo Kojima, the games were always known for their exposition and ability to constantly push the boundaries of narrative coherence. However, Kojima seems to be uninvolved with the project and it might be likely that the team that takes on the franchise could play with a more direct espionage narrative that cuts down on the bonanza of side characters the games are well-known for.