Christopher Breaux, best known as Frank Ocean, is now legally changing name to his stage alias.

The 26-year-old singer and songwriter recently made the decision, and he has already filed the documents. In order for the legal process to be carried out, he needs to get his intentions published in a newspaper on four separate occasions, once a week for four weeks in a row.

The reason for such publication process is that just in case he is using the name to defraud someone, potential victims can come forward and object to the name change in court.

The "Thinkin Bout You" hitmaker had already changed his name from original Christopher Breaux to Christopher Francis Ocean via online documentation service LegalZoom.

"It just felt cool. None of us are like our names. If you don't like your name then change your name," he previously said in an interview. "I'm only a few steps into the process, so I probably shouldn't even be talking about this, but by the beginning of summer I'll be straight. I'll be boarding planes as Christopher Francis Ocean."

Meanwhile, Frank Ocean is dealing with another legal issue regarding a contract with popular burrito franchise, Chipotle Mexican Grill. He was signed by the chain to a $425,000 deal to sing a remake of "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" song, "Pure Imagination." However, the song was never recorded, and he was upset to find out that the company made the Chipotle logo appeared at the end of the commercial.

The artist's representatives claimed that the "Novacane" singer believed he was promised final decision over the recording and promotional materials, but the company was in breach because they refused to remove the logo. Chipotle Mexican Grill is suing to get back the $212,500 advance that was paid to Frank Ocean.