If Pandora, Spotify and iTunes Radio all failed to pique your interest, then you might want to check out what Samsung is offering.

Milk Music is the latest free streaming music option available to music lovers. Samsung announced the ad free radio service, to debut exclusively on Samsung Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note 3, and Galaxy Note II, this Friday. It will also be available on the Galaxy S5, coming to stores this April.

The new service, which is powered by Slacker Radio, will feature over 200 stations with a catalog of 13 million songs. Users don't have the sign in to use the app, and there are no advertisements to interrupt your listening experience.

Perhaps the most notable feature is its slick interface, centered on a radio-like dial that allows users to shuffle through stations based on specific music genres. As listeners scroll, different songs will be heard instantly without wait. It's also customizable, letting users choose up to nine different stations to select from on the dial. You can also create your own station with your favorite artists, similar to Pandora.

"It is literally like the old terrestrial FM dial," said Daren Tsui, vice president of music at Samsung Media Solutions. "You turn it and hear it (a new song/station). We think that is going to allow you to discover music in a more organic, natural way. I'm using my ears to discover rather than a bunch of metadata."

Samsung hopes to compete with other popular music services such as Spotify, which owns a third of the $5 billion streaming music market. The company hopes to attract newcomers with Milk's accessibility and ease of use. They also want to lure those annoyed by frequent advertising on other streaming services.

While Milk Music is accessible only through Wifi and a cellular network, Samsung hopes to find a way for users to access music offline as well.

Milk Music is now available for download from Google Play.