Now that companies are making wearable gear the future (just check out the smart watches), here's a look at something that has been exciting the tech community: The gadget from Google known as Glass, which is basically a pair of glasses that is loaded with modern technology. 

The glasses feature a heads-up display (HUD) powered by battery that is located above the visual area of the right eye. To see the display, a user just needs to look upward into the corner of their field of vision. 

Last we heard, Google aims to release Glass in 2014. Lately, legal issues and lack of consumer enthusiasm have caused the company to push back the release date. The public price is supposed to be lower than the Explorer Edition price of $1,500, and some have predicted that it will be priced like a high end smartphone, so $500-600. 

What can you do with Glass?

Glass is voice activated, so to start it, users say "ok glass." Once it is activated, you can tell Glass what to do with voice commands:

  • Take a picture and record what you see (without holding a smartphone);
  • Share what you see live to friends;
  • Speak to send a message to people you know;
  • Get directions;
  • Ask questions. For example, "How deep is Niagara Falls?" or "How tall is Big Ben?";
  • Tell it to translate what you said into another language. For example, ask Glass to say "Thank you" in Filipino or in Thai;
  • Get answers without asking Glass;
  • Perform a Google Hangout video;
  • Control home devices. Glass is equipped with an IR emitter. If paired with an Xbee 802.15.4 WiFi radio and a microcontroller, you can control gadgets with an attached IR emitter. You can look at a gadget, connect to it and control it. It has applications for Smart TVs, lighting, air conditioning, heating and ventilation.