Since launching last year, several thousand users now own a Google Glass, the fancy gadget with many futuristic features that has caught the attention of techies everywhere. However, it is also branded as one of the most disruptive pieces of technology to have emerged in recent years, symbolizing the rich-poor divide in the Californian "technopolis." The controversial device comes with a host of legal issues involving privacy rights, driving, and movie piracy which are now being decided in the courts. The intense scrutiny of the device has made even more people curious about what it has to offer. Below are some of the interesting features of Google Glass:

  • 640x360 pixel resolution. It might seem small, but when placed near the right eye, this size is more than enough.
  • 5-megapixel camera with 720p video capture. The camera shoots with the blink of an eye, which raises for questions relating to privacy issues.
  • Bone conduction transducer. Acting as the headphone, this technology sends vibrations directly to the bones in the ear.
  • Internal storage capacity of 16GB, 12GB of which is available after 4GB has been used for the software installed in the device.
  • 3 sets of adjustable nose pads for comfort
  • MicroUSB cable, full Wi-Fi connection, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Built-in "MyGlass" app enables GPS navigation and SMS texting.

What are benefits of using Google Glass?

  • Home appliances can be controlled by linking with Google Glass. Applications are available for lighting, heating, air conditioning and even for smart TVs.
  • Google Glass shows potential promise in architecture and engineering.
  • Google Glass can provide driving assistance with certain map or navigation apps.

How to Buy Google Glass

According to Google, the device can be bought via the Glass Store while the user is signed in to their Google account. Right now an invitation is needed to buy Glass, which includes a unique Glass Code. A Google Wallet account is also required with a U.S. address to which the device will be sent. The price of the product is set at $1,500. Wider consumer rollout still has not firm date as the device is more or less still in a prolonged beta. There have been rumors of a 2014 rollout with a smartphone-esque price tag but nothing official has come from Google thus far.