Mozilla Firefox is releasing a new update for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android OS. According to NeuroGadget, the Mozilla Firefox 42 update will be a brand new upgrade for those who enjoy using the said browser.

Desktop users who have the Firefox browser can now download its new version on The said update will present some new features including tracking protection, tab audio indicators and the background opening of links on Android OS. Current users of the Mozillla Firefox browser will get an automatic update, while those who haven't used it may download it from the browser's official website.

Android users who wish to try the Mozilla Firefox 42 can download the browser from the Google Play Store. There have been several browser platforms today that offers better browsing solutions to its consumers, but Mozilla Firefox still caters to over 500 million users around the globe. This number of users is more than enough to actually develop and update the browser's current version.

So what does the Firefox 42 actually bring you? Several things, including a new private browsing mode that does more than going through your browsing history. A tracking protection has also been added to the Firefox 42, which will significantly block apps that try to track your web browsing history. While ads who do not track your browsing history will not be blocked. This type of feature will be available on all platforms, provided that they download the latest Mozilla Firefox 42.

The Control Center of the new Mozilla Firefox 42 will let you configure your own preference of security and privacy control. If you noticed how some websites give you suspicious contents, this is where your individual settings will protect you. Turning on the Tracking Protection will prevent these threats from crawling on your system and maintain your platforms virus-free.

First Post indicated that the additional security provided by the Firefox 42 will initially give the user faster loading time. The new version will also show on tabs whether an audio is playing on a specific page that is not currently open. A new login manager will also be introduced as well as the scrollable tab. The Firefox Developer Edition also revealed that some visual editing has been integrated with the new version of Firefox and it includes Animation Tools. Firefox 42 definitely gives you one of the best security options among all other web browsers today.