When we think of The Lion King, we think of a film on a screen. Passengers on a flight headed to Sydney on Monday were surprised when it all came to life -- The Circle of Life.

The Australian cast of The Lion King were on their way from Brisbane, Australia to Sydney at the time and decided to spice up the trip with a special on-flight, in-seat performance by singing the "Circle of Life" in unison. According to Today.com, the performers were on their way to Brisbane in order to announce that the Broadway Production will open there in September. Not all of the passengers were excited, but you can't please everyone. Most of the passengers probably enjoyed the complimentary entertainment.

The Broadway production is yet another example of how popular the 1994 film has remained over the years. Although it was initially released on video cassette, it has since been touched up and improved in order to make it look sharper and more aligned with modern day films of its kind.

Until 2003, The Lion King was the highest-grossing animated film ever and currently still sits as the highest grpssing hand drawn animation film in history. The film also notched a pair of Academy Awards for music and motion picture. The popular "Circle of Life" song was composed by Elton John and still remains a rather popular and well-known song.

Feel free to watch the video of the performance on the flight. You will be able to find the video located further down the screen and you can listen along as well.

If you're interested in tickets for The Lion King in New York City, click here. Alternatively, you can purchase the film on iTunes by clicking here.

Have you had a chance to see Lion King both on screen and on broadway? If so, which one do you prefer? Feel free to let us know in the comments section, which you can also find located down below.