Microsoft Backs Epic Games in Legal Spat vs Apple

Microsoft has joined the brewing legal battle between Apple and Epic Games, giving the "Fortnite" creator an unexpected ally.
Smartphone Girl

Best Social Apps to Connect With Friends During a Lockdown

Want to get together with a friend but can't go out? Don't worry, we got you.

Bored? Just Unlock Your Smartphone

Boredom has driven nearly half of the people to unlock their phones without even having an app in mind.
Facebook group call

Facebook Is Taking Over Your Phone With Group Calling Update For Messenger App

Facebook is rolling out voice calling for groups in its Messenger app. In adding yet another smartphone function to Facebook's domain, the company is taking another step towards total mobile domination.
Latin Emojis, Zubi Advertising

First Ever 'Latin' Emojis Unveiled in Free App

Apple has gone to great lengths to update its emojis to be more inclusive of a wide variety of skin tones, but most of the standard graphics available still lack Latin flair -- until now. A Latino marketing company took notice of the lack of Latin-flavored emojis in the standard Unicode set, and decided it would be a good way to catch the eyes -- and it hopes, the dollars -- of tech savvy Latinos.

Tap That App: Apple Music for Android Has Bugs, But is Definitely Built Just for Android

A hands-on look at the new Apple Music app for Android.
YouTube Music app, iOS and Android

YouTube Embraces Its Musical Side, Introduces YouTube Music App

Even though it started out as a video streaming site, since its earliest days YouTube quickly became one of the top places to find music on the Internet. Now Google has embraced that long-running tradition, introducing on Thursday a dedicated place to get all the tunes available on YouTube: the YouTube Music app.

Tap That App: MyFitnessPal Makes the Most Annoying Part of Dieting Easy

This week, we take a hands on look at MyFitnessPal, one of the top fitness apps in both the iOS and Android app stores -- and for good reason.
Can I Stream It app review

Tap That App: 'Can I Stream It' Tries to Be the Ultimate Digital Entertainment Database

Cord cutting can be tiresome, especially if you're trying to find out if one particular movie may be available on one of a half-dozen streaming services. In this week's Tap That App, we look at "Can I Stream It?" the website and app for iOS and Android that attempts to be the one-stop place to find where to watch anything.
Android Pay intro

Tap That App: Android Pay is a Breeze to Use, Wherever You Can Use It

In this week's Tap That App, we test drive the alternative to tapping your iPhone at the cash register: doing the same thing with your Android smartphone with Android Pay.
Trumpada Android game

Tap That App: Hands-On With Trumpada -- Latino Trump Backlash Comes to Android in a Game

Besides dropping his beauty pageants from the air and creating custom piñatas, Latinos are finding new cathartic ways to bash GOP presidential front-runner and celebrity real estate mogul Donald Trump in the digital space.
Youtube Gaming app for Android

Tap That App: Standalone YouTube Gaming App Challenges Twitch TV

Here's what YouTube Gaming for Android and iOS offers, how it hopes to replace Twitch in the burgeoning online world of live video game streaming, and how it may be the first test for a YouTube live streaming empire.
Google DeepDream AI transforms photos

Tap That App: With Dreamify, Your Android (or iPhone) Dreams of Electric Sheep

Google software engineers somewhat inadvertently created a neural net AI that could turn any image into abstract pieces of psychedelic art. Now you can harness that power in your pocket with Dreamify.
Landmarker Android Experiments app

Tap That App: Landmarker and Google's Android Experiments Stretch Your Phone's Possibilities

This week we look at Landmarker and other innovative apps recently released by Google as part of its new Android Experiments project.

Tap That App: Baby Sleep Instant Makes a Great (Free) Father's Day Gift for New Dads

Sunday is Father's Day, and if there's anyone who needs a practical Father's day gift, it's new dads. That's why we reviewed the Android app Baby Sleep Instant, a free app (in-app purchases) that could help new dads with crying infants get some peace and quiet.
Google Photos app

Tap That App: Google Photos' Best Feature - You Barely Have To Do Anything

When Google's new photos app (appropriately called Photos) first appeared, you could almost hear the collective groan of long-time Android users.
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