Edgar Ramirez Begs People to Get COVID Vaccines After 5 Loved Ones Die

Edgar Ramirez Begs People to Get COVID Vaccines After 5 Loved Ones Die

Actor Edgar Ramirez is pushing for more people to get vaccinated for COVID-19 after losing five loved ones to COVID-19 this year.
Edgar Ramirez

Behind the Scenes: Edgar Ramirez Talks Making of 'Joy' & 'Point Break'

Edgar Ramirez talks to Latin Post about the making of his two latest films, both released on Christmas Day.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: "The Liberator's" Maria Valverde Speaks on Edgar Ramirez, Simon Bolivar & The Oscars

Maria Valverde, the Spanish actress who gives life to Bolivar's wife Maria Teresa del Toro in "The Liberator," the hotly-anticipated biopic movie relating the life of Latin American hero Simon Bolivar, talked exclusively with Latin Post.com before the movie's release this weekend to talk about her role, Edgar Ramirez, the film's Oscars consideration, and more.
 Edgar Ramirez, Star of

EXCLUSIVE - Edgar Ramirez, Star of "The Liberator", Talks Bringing Simon Bolivar to Life

During his campaign trail for new movie and 2015 Oscar contender "The Liberator," lead actor Edgar Ramirez had a chance to speak to Latin Post.com and talk about the process of becoming the heroic historical figure Simon Bolivar.
Edgar Ramirez

'Point Break' Remake to Star Édgar Ramírez in Patrick Swayze Role, Extreme Sports Stunts Perfomed by Actual Athletes

For die-hard surfers, extreme sports enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates an adrenaline rush, you might want to check out Alcon Entertainment's "Point Break" 1991 reboot for the extreme sports stunts that will be filmed on four continents, including North America, Europe, South America and Asia. And if that's not cool enough, another good reason to tune in is to see the hunky and talented Venezuelan actor Édgar Ramírez who will take over the role of Bodhi, played by the late Patrick Swayze in 1991.
The Counselor

Cameron Diaz Steals the Show with Role in 'The Counselor'

Cormac McCarthy's masterful screenwriting debut for The Counselor is met the superb acting skills of a bevy of A-listers, particularly Cameron Diaz, who stole the show.
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