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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Lawsuit Proceeds in Europe, Twitter Struggles with Content Issues, and Vine Opens Up

This week in social media, Twitter continued to wrestle with disturbing user content, the European privacy lawsuit against Facebook takes its first big step, and Vine finally opened up its video service in a big way.
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Snapchat Reportedly Working with Brands on "Discovery" News, Media, and Ad Platform

Snapchat may not just be for sending your friends quick quirky messages that disappear after a few seconds. The skyrocketing social media site could soon ad advertisements, along with TV and movie clips and news.
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Social Media Saturday: How to Minimize Facebook Messenger, Snapchat Fights for its Right to Video, and Twitter's Tumultuous Week

This week in social media, people are still complaining about the Facebook Messenger app, Snapchat is battling for the right to keep its "tap to hold" video capture feature, and we saw the power and problems of Twitter (and for that matter social media) in the Ferguson shooting and Robin Williams' death.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook and Foursquare Unbundle Their Apps, While Twitter Drops Bing Translate

This week in social media, both Facebook and Foursquare implemented a piece of their separate-app strategy -- both leading to some controversy. Meanwhile, Twitter quietly removed Bing translation, a feature it added in time for the World Cup this year, likely because it wasn't really ready for prime time.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Begins Dominance, Twitter Bounces Back, and Yet Another Snapchat Clone Appears

This week in social media, Facebook opened up the Internet to every person in Zambia through its app. Meanwhile, things don't look so bleak for Twitter, partly thanks to the World Cup, and Snapchat could soon be valued at $10 billion -- no wonder Facebook just launched yet another Snapchat clone.
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Spanish-Language Facebook Pages Increase Latino Engagement, Companies Catching on

Spanish-language social media pages are increasing in prominence and becoming necessary for numerous educational institutions, politicians, places of worship, government agencies and businesses, all of which are beginning to see the value of Latino branding and Spanish-language content as the number of Latinos in the U.S. continue to climb.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Takes Off, Twitter Looks Shaky, and Two Social Networks Reveal Unsurprisingly Low Diversity

This week in social media, Facebook took a victory lap on Wall Street, while Twitter's earnings next week look to be disappointing. Also disappointing, but not surprising, were the diversity figures released this week by Twitter and Pinterest.

Acquiring Flurry Analytics, Yahoo Seeks to Boost Its Presence and Profit in Mobile

Yahoo has made a new acquisition, this time of a more behind-the-scenes asset than a Tumblr or Blink. Yahoo has made a deal with mobile analytics company Flurry, and despite the fact that you've probably never heard of the company before, it could be one of the largest Yahoo buys under CEO Marissa Mayer.
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Social Media Saturday: 99 Days Without Facebook, Snapchat Officially Owns the Teen Demo and Tumblr and Vine Get Along

This week in social media, a campaign was launched to temp people to take 99 consecutive days off of Facebook. Meanwhile, Snapchat was revealed to officially be the most popular social media app for young people, and you can now embed Vines in Tumblr blogs (how very cross-platform!).
Twitter, Facebook Finds Laughter in Brazil's World Cup Loss With Viral Memes

World Cup: A Look at Funniest Memes From Social Media After Brazil-Germany Game

After Brazil's disappointing 7-1 defeat to Germany, the internet was ablaze with hilarious memes that were created and shared throughout the web. Latin take a look at some of the funniest ones from social media.
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US Mobile Internet Consumption Doubled, Declining Landline Usage Affects State and Local Taxations

Mobile Internet usage has doubled in the U.S. during the last two years, but its had dented state and federal agencies' taxation efforts.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Under Fire for Study, Twitter's 'Buy Now' Button and YouTube's More Popular Than Live TV

This week, the “study hit the fan” for Facebook, as the world of online media picked up on the controversial Facebook emotion research that we reported early last Saturday and a privacy group filed a formal complaint with the FTC. Meanwhile, Twitter could introduce an integrated “Buy Now” button, Vine added “Loop Counts” and YouTube was found to be more popular than television.

Social Media Saturday: Facebook Is Creepy [and Mostly White Men] While Twitter's Better at World Cup News

A roundup of the biggest, most interesting or weirdest social media news from the week.
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Diversity in Tech: Facebook Publishes Diversity Report & White Men Lead Senior Levels of Social Network Company

Following in the footsteps of Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn, social network Facebook released its diversity statistics report, and it also continues the excessive white male employee trend.
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Facebook Improves Android App Efficiency to Take Over the Developing World

Facebook is improving its Android App in order to entice new users from the developing world to join the gigantic social network.
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Tap That App: Slingshot vs. Snapchat in an Ephemeral Messaging Faceoff

Facebook has been trying to capture some of Snapchat's magic for a while now. While Facebook has been losing its appeal with young, active teens (an incredibly important demographic) over the past few years, Snapchat has caught fire with the same crowd. Now, in its third attempt at regaining that audience, Facebook has released "Slingshot," a Snapchat clone with a twist, which will either be the app's forte, or its fatal flaw.
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