Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Numbers, Twitter's Diversity, and Pinterest Goes Shopping

This week in social media, Facebook dominated the headlines and Wall Street, as it showed how much it dominates the social media world. Meanwhile an ex-Twitter engineer exposed the company's clunky attempts at diversity and Pinterest officially introduced a new feature that blends perfectly with the reasons people use its network.
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Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Week of Tweaks, Snapchat's Halloween Lenses

This week in social media, Facebook rolled out, experimented with, or otherwise promised a slew of changes to its platform, policies and mobile apps. Meanwhile, Twitter got hit on Wall Street again and Snapchat rolled out its first Halloween-themed sponsored "lenses." It's time for Social Media Sunday!
 Marco Rubio, Donald Trump and Ben Carson GOP Republican debate

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz Trigger Top Twitter GOP Debate Moments

Nearly 8-in-10 Latinos use social media, and Twitter was definitely active during the third Republican presidential debate.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Fixes Battery-Draining App, Twitter's Dorsey Gives Stock to Staff

This week in social media, Facebook finally fixed its battery-draining iPhone app. Meanwhile Twitter's CEO gave millions worth of stock to the company's employees and Instagram announced yet another new video app.
Facebook TechPrep Diversity in STEM education initiative

Facebook Launches TechPrep, Hub to Help Grow STEM Diversity Pipeline

Facebook's TechPrep hopes to boost diversity in technology by empowering underrepresented minority students and their parents to get involved in computer science.
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Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Multi-Pronged Video Strategy, Dorsey's Twitter Shakeup & More

This week in social media, Facebook unveiled its latest push into online video, seeking to rob top rival YouTube of views. Meanwhile, Twitter went through some major company changes under new CEO Jack Dorsey and a new study surprised no one by revealing that teens prefer Instagram, with Snapchat right behind, over other social networks.
Facebook Reactions

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's 'Reactions', Messenger on Apple Watch, & Dorsey's First Change to Twitter

This week in social media, Facebook began rolling out new options beyond its "Like" button and Messenger released for Apple Watch. Meanwhile, Twitter's first change under new permanent CEO Jack Dorsey rolled out and Pinterest added localized results for its huge international user base.
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Facebook Rents Satellite to Beam Free Basic Internet Services to Africa

Facebook announced it is teaming with French communications company Eutelsat in a partnership to beam the Internet down to Africa from a satellite.

Social Media Sunday: Recycled Facebook Privacy Hoax, Twitter Beyond 140, & Snapchat's Big Ticket Ads

This week in social media, another privacy hoax took over Facebook. Meanwhile, it looks like interim CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey will be taking over Twitter and Snapchat's new feature is an ad that costs almost a million dollars for one day.
Facebook Notes update

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's 'Free Basics', New Notes, & Instagram Surpasses Twitter

This week in social media, Facebook renamed its free Internet service to create some separation from its charity offerings, and redesigned a long-forgotten feature of its flagship platform. Meanwhile, Instagram hit a milestone of 400 million users, surpassing continually troubled Twitter.
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Social Media Sunday: Facebook's 'Dislike' Button, Pinterest Hits Milestone, & Snapchat's Replay (for a Price)

This week in social media, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he's actually decided to create a "dislike" button, but it's not what you think. Meanwhile, Snapchat added a replay feature for snaps you might have missed (for a price) and in Facebook's new "Signal" feature, Twitter has something big to worry about from the top social media platform on the planet.

Social Media Sunday: Messenger & WhatsApp Milestones; Twitter's CEO Search Continues

This week in social media, two Facebook-owned messenger services hit major milestones. Meanwhile, Twitter is still on the hunt for a leader with a possible announcement soon, Snapchat (maybe?) hit a Facebook-style milestone in video, and Tumblr cleaned up its act -- on mobile.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Billion, 'M' Autonomous AI, Instagram's No Longer Square & Vine's Looping Music

This week in social media, Facebook had a full billion on the site at one time, while planning to add intelligence to Messenger. Meanwhile, Instagram dropped the square box, and Vine now adds perfectly looping music behind your videos.
Blacks and Latinos getting News from YouTube

Digital Divide Fades Among Millennial Social Media & News Consumers

Latinos and black millennials are technologically connected and consume social media and news content at similar levels to their White counterparts and the national average, according to a new poll by the American Press Institute and The Associated Press.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Dumps Intern for Exposing Major Privacy Flaw, Twitter Expected to Name Jack Dorsey CEO

This week, Facebook decided not to keep a Harvard student's internship for the rest of the summer, after he exposed a major privacy flaw in the social network's Messenger app. Meanwhile, it looks like beleaguered Twitter will look to Jack Dorsey for permanent leadership, as the company is expected to announce his transition from interim CEO to long-term chief executive next week.

Yelp's Diversity Report Reflects Improvement

Across Silicon Valley, diversity has been hailed as one of the tech industry's greatest problems. Facebook, for example, has publically acknowledged its struggles with gaining a diverse employee base. But diversity isn't quite the same challenge for one Bay Area-based tech company: Yelp.
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