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Facebook Launches New Features to Support the Fight Against COVID-19 Misinformation

Facebook has been exerting intense efforts to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 fake news on its platform. Read on to find out how you can get the most out of the new features.

Facebook Adds Two Major Updates On App and Messenger: Care Emojis and Messenger Room

In a show of support and presence in its apps, the Facebook team announced the addition of two new emojis to signify that you care. They also revealed Messenger Room, a video-conference tool for up to 50 people.
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Facebook Is Giving A $1000 Bonus To Employees

Mark Zuckerberg is offering financial assistance to his employees to help fight the pandemic.
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US Visa Application Now Asks for Facebook and all Social Media Profiles

Travelling to the US has become a bit more personal.
Two Big Ears VR Audio

Facebook VR Plans Get an Aural Boost, Unleashing Free 3D Audio Kit from Two Big Ears Acquisition

Facebook just boosted its VR efforts with an acquisition of immersive audio company Two Big Ears -- and it's making the 3D audio startup's technology available free to developers.

Social Media Sunday: Zuckerberg Talks Trending Topics, Messenger Accused of Privacy Violations, and Twitter May Free Up the Character Limit (a bit)

This week in social media, Facebook tried to reassure conservatives, Reddit introduced post embedding, and Twitter may stop counting photos and links against its character limit.
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The Facebook Effect: Controversy Over Conservative News in Trending Topics Points to Broader Issues

Is Facebook suppressing how much content appears from conservative news outlets? Either way, the controversy points to larger concerns over Facebook's power in media.

Social Media Sunday: WhatsApp's Recurring Brazil Ban, Facebook's Faceprint Privacy Issue, & Snapchat's Shoppable Ads

This week in social media, a judge in Brazil ordered WhatsApp to be blocked throughout the country (again) and that order was overturned within a day (again).
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A Smarter Siri: What to Know About 'Viv' Before AI's Introduction to the World on Monday

The creators of Siri, the sometimes-smart AI assistant running on Apple iPhones since 2011, have another AI up their sleeve. They're going to introduce their next generation AI, "Viv," to the world next Monday.
Facebook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion

WhatsApp vs. Brazil: Why This Ugly Encryption Fight Isn't Going Away

About 100 million Brazilians collectively cried out in anguish on Monday. But you wouldn't hear it from them, because that anguish was over yet another government shutdown of WhatsApp, which as Latin Post previously noted, is a free and vital form of daily communication for Brazilians.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Dominates Wall Street, Twitter Shifting to News & Snapchat Video is Exploding

This week in social media, Facebook released its (amazing) quarterly earnings, Twitter released its (terrible) quarterly earnings. Meanwhile, Snapchat is apparently crushing it in online video.
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Facebook Outperforms the Rest of Tech, While Aiming to Keep Mark Zuckerberg in Control

While some giants in the technology industry are hitting snags on Wall Street, Facebook Inc. proved again on Wednesday that it's in a class by itself.

Social Media Sunday: Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook Messenger Apps Get Updates Integrating New Features, Upgrades

This week in social media, Facebook announced it was rolling out group voice chat to Messenger, while Snapchat upped its popular face swap feature by adding the iPhone's camera roll as an image source. Meanwhile, Twitter added Yelp integration, at least overseas, in an effort to make the platform more useful for users looking for information while they're out and about.
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Facebook Is Taking Over Your Phone With Group Calling Update For Messenger App

Facebook is rolling out voice calling for groups in its Messenger app. In adding yet another smartphone function to Facebook's domain, the company is taking another step towards total mobile domination.
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Facebook F8 Keynote Speech Has Mark Zuckerberg Detailing Company's Roadmap for the Next 10 Years

It seems like Facebook users are in for some great news in the coming 10 years as Mark Zuckerberg announced new innovations for the next decade.
Facebook Down For Second Time In Less Than Week

Facebook Fighting Decline in Key Area: 'Content Collapse' But Could Be Blessing in Disguise

Remember those days when your friends would tell you, on Facebook, what they were eating for lunch or when they were taking a shower or doing other personal things?
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