Social Media Sunday: Facebook Takes on Periscope, Twitter Has Worst Week Ever

This week in social media, Facebook took on Periscope by opening up live streaming on iPhone to everyone, while Twitter had one of its worst weeks ever. Meanwhile, Snapchat made it easier to add friends in an update to its app.
Facebook HQ

Diversity in Tech: Facebook Taps the NFL's Playbook to Increase Diversity in Hiring

Facebook latest diversity innovation, one that's beginning to show results, was borrowed from professional football.
Jack Dorsey

Twitter Announces Departure of 4 Top Execs, CEO Trying to Revive Company

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced Sunday that four department heads would be leaving their positions. This is the biggest move Dorsey has made since he returned to the company in mid-2015.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's New Sports Hub, 3D Touch Features, & Twitter's Wall Street Woes Hit New Low

This week in social media, Facebook launched a sports hub designed to catch online social buzz over live sporting events. The company also figured out a technique to deliver 360-degree VR video with a fraction of the bandwidth, all while Twitter hit a new low on Wall Street.
Facebook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion

Why WhatsApp Stopped Charging Users Subscription Fees

Paradoxically, it's because the company wants to make more money.
Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp to Stop Charging Subscription Fees

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is eliminating the small charges that it normally charged customers after their first year of using the app. Now, the app will remain free for life.

Social Media Sunday: More Facebook Stock to Charity, Foursquare CEO is Out, and Snapchat Looks for Ad Tech

This week in social media, Facebook COO followed CEO Mark Zuckerberg's example and gave a huge amount of her company stock to charity. Meanwhile, Twitter was under pressure to crack down on hate speech, Snapchat began shopping for ad tech startups, and Foursquare's co-founder and CEO announced he would be stepping down.
Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift Founder Apologizes to Reddit Users for Price Confusion

Oculus told eager buyers last year that the headset would cost about $350

Social Media Sunday: Facebook 'Real Name' Changes, Uber Through Messenger & More

This week was a busy one for Facebook. It launched a new collaboration with Uber through Messenger, announced changes to its controversial "real name" policy, launched its fast-loading Instant Articles for Android, and finally, Facebook was named the most popular smartphone app of 2015 by a Nielsen report. Meanwhile, Twitter hit an all-time low on Wall Street.
Sheryl Sandberg At The Davos World Economic Forum 2014

Facebook & Lean In's Sheryl Sandberg on How Everyone Can Promote Diversity

Silicon Valley has a diversity problem, and despite working for a year to create more diverse workplaces with higher levels of Latinos, blacks and women, progress has been slow. But there are bright minds at work on solutions, which is one reason why Facebook COO and Founder Sheryl Sandberg discussed diversity during an "ask me anything" style Q&A on Quora this week.
Harvard Millennial 2015 study, snapchat fastest growing

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Offline Feed, Twitter's Logged Out Ads & Snapchat's Growth Among Millennials

This week Facebook announced an offline mode, so mobile users can still see new stories in their News Feeds, even when their connections are spotty. Meanwhile, Twitter announced it would start showing ads to the vast majority of people who visit the platform, and a new study shows Snapchat is the fastest growing social network among millennials.

Social Media Sunday: Zuck's Controversial Donation, Facebook Takes on Periscope, and More

This week in Social Media, Mark Zuckerberg announced he and his wife would donate 99 percent of their Facebook stock to charity, prompting critics to express a great deal of skepticism.

Social Media Sunday: Privacy Predator 'Most Used Words' on Facebook & Snapchat's New Story Explorer

This week in social media, experts warned that one of the most recent viral hits on Facebook, the "Most Used Words" app, is a privacy-infringing nightmare. Meanwhile, Snapchat launched a challenge to Twitter Moments called Story Explorer, and Reddit has decided to honor visitors' "Do Not Track" settings on browsers.
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Admits 'Poor Choice of Words' After Saying 'Illegal' Immigrant

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton responded to criticism of using the term “illegal” during a campaign stop.
Facebook Take a Break feature

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Helps You Shadow Block Your Ex & Google Plus Gets Resurrected

This week in social media, Facebook introduced a new tool for the heartbroken. Meanwhile Snapchat and Twitter could be in trouble with investors, and Google Plus was resurrected with a new look and a couple of new features.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Tests Snapchat-style Messages, Pinterest's Image Search, and Twitter's New GIFs

This week in social media, Facebook began testing Snapchat-style messaging in Facebook Messenger. Meanwhile Pinterest introduced a smart, unique visual search feature, Twitter introduced GIFs you can control, and Snapchat is planning on making even more money off of its Lenses feature.
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