Sheryl Sandberg

5 Ted Talks to Watch to Become a Better Leader

Ever wonder how to be a great leader? Ever wonder what great leaders did to become the best at what they do and create the companies they have. Well these five Ted Talks are great learning tools that will help your leadership skills and will bring you closer to being a better leader.
David Gorodynansky

The Rise of David Gorodyansky and Competition for Facebook

Facebook seems to have found its adversary in David Gorodyansky's new social media app Anchorfree. The Russian CEO seems to have found a way to compete with Mark Zuckerberg's "Free Basics" campaign on Facebook.
Pavel Durov

The Rise of Pavel Durov, Russia's 'Mark Zuckerberg,' Founder of Telegram Messaging App and VKontakte Social Media Platform

While there can never be an industry disruptor quite like Mark Zuckerberg, Russia has found its own version of the technology icon, and his name is Pavel Durov.
Google Updates Its Logo

Google's New Campus is Redefining the Design and Concept of Corporate World Offices

If you're wondering what Google's new set of offices will look like, an early set of mockups has been released to show its possible appearance once constructed. The images feature a quirky and unique design.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Bought a Face Swapping App & Twitter is Bribing Employees Not to Quit

It's time for Social Media Sunday!
latino computer

Facebook Upgrades Tech Center for Latino Students, Partners With LULAC

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) held an open house to celebrate and show off an upgrade to its San Francisco technology center at Mission Graduates, a result of the organization's ongoing partnership with Facebook.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Backed Apple, Apple Joined Twitter, Snapchat Got More Money

This week in social media, Facebook and its subsidiary WhatsApp backed Apple in its encryption fight with the FBI, the same week that a WhatsApp executive was briefly jailed in Brazil in a similar case.

Social Media Sunday: Ads Coming to Your Facebook Messenger Soon, Twitter Smacks Down ISIS

This week in social media, word leaked out that Facebook will start showing ads in Messenger very soon. Meanwhile, Twitter executives bought millions in their company's stock in a move to boost confidence, and Snapchat is rumored to have started delivering detailed ad analytics, possibly resulting in a dip in prices.
Facebook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion

Latin America's Facebook Obsession, by the Numbers

Facebook is beyond popular in Latin America.
Facebook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion

Brazil's Jailing of Facebook Executive Casts Shadow Over Fight between Apple, FBI

Brazil's arrest of a Facebook executive, however brief, casts a dark shadow on the debate over privacy and security.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Wall Brawl, Reactions, Tumblr to Double Down on Mobile

It's time for Social Media Sunday!
Zika: Brazilian Judge Ponders Abortions in Microcephaly Cases

Brazil's NSA-Avoiding Underwater Cable to Europe Could Be Catching Silicon Valley's Eyes

Brazil's planned underwater cable, linking directly to Europe's Internet, will likely bring lots of technical and economic advantages to the country and the rest of Latin America in general.
Real Estate Prices In Brazil Drop For First Time Since 2008

Here's Why You Should Start Investing in Latin America Now

There's an emerging real estate market and tech boom in the region with two big investors funding the ventures.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Kicked Out of India, Twitter's Downward Spiral, & Snapchat's New (Old) Partner

This week in social media was altogether pretty terrible for the two most significant networks: Facebook and Twitter. Facebook got kicked out of India and Twitter's growth has flatlined, sparking worries is might actually die. But with a potential big partnership with an influential old media company, Snapchat, meanwhile, is doing fine.
Jack Dorsey

Two Roads Diverge: Should Twitter Change Everything or Return to its Roots?

Twitter reported its quarterly earnings on Wednesday, and yet again, the overall picture it painted was predictably grim.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Reigns on Mobile, Twitter's Mobile GIFs & New Snapchat Ad Experiments

This week in social media, Facebook adjusted the algorithm for your News Feed another time, while again being declared the number one app on Android and iOS smartphones. Meanwhile, Twitter tested a GIF button for its mobile app, and Snapchat ran its first mobile app-install ad.
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