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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Expands Ad Tracking and Takes on Snapchat, While Twitter Finally Lets You Post GIFs - Kind Of

This week was big in social media, especially for Facebook, which announced new features in some of its apps, an entirely new stand-alone app and expanded the amount of information it can collect from you. Twitter, meanwhile, finally enabled tweeting GIFs, LinkedIn faces a lawsuit for violating privacy, and Snapchat got more social with a new sharing feature. It's time for Social Media Saturday.
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Social Media Saturday: FIFA World Cup 2014 Edition

The World Cup, which kicked off this Thursday, is expected to be the most social media-intensive event in history. Already, in the year leading up to the world's biggest single-sport event, the phrase "World Cup" has outpaced other big sporting events in social media mentions. Here's how Twitter, Facebook and others have prepared and how they hope to capitalize on the World Cup.
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Social Media Saturday: New Instagram Tools, Facebook Approves Dogecoin Tipping, and CIA Joins Twitter

This week in social media, Facebook approved a dogecoin tipping app, social media prenups are a thing now, Instagram updated its app with new tools, Pinterest and Twitter keep upping the advertising, and CIA joined Twitter and Facebook for some reason. It's time for Social Media Saturday!

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Donation to San Francisco Schools Likely to Benefit Latino Students Most

Two of the three school districts that are receiving gifts from the Zuckerbergs and their foundation, Startup: Education, are largely dominated by Latino students. These students will soon benefit from finance, computers, connectivity and teacher training. The money will also go toward boosting funding for science studies and English proficiency.
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Social Media in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico Helping Region Compete Against Asia-Pacific's Twitter User Growth

Social media across Latin America has been projected to reach hundreds of millions of people, and Twitter is reportedly a cause for the spike.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Un-Spams Your News Feed, Zuckerberg Gives Back, and Snapchat CEO Apologizes

This week in social media, Facebook readjusted its News Feed algorithms again, Mark Zuckerberg gave money to local schools that will disproportionately help nearby Latino families, Twitter might finally be done with its wild Wall Street ride, and Snapchat’s CEO apologized for being a jerk in college. It’s time for Social Media Saturday!

Undocumented Immigrants Take to Facebook to Document Their Harrowing Journeys to the United States

Facebook, a platform where millions of Mexicans regularly connect, is playing host to the new trend of border-crossing documentation, where individuals snap photos of themselves as they attempt to cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, turning what is usually considered a self-involved act into digital activism.
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Snapchat Online: CEO Evan Spiegel Apologizes for Frat Emails

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel apologized Friday for a set of raunchy emails that were leaked to the public earlier this week, which he wrote to his fraternity brothers years ago while attending Stanford University.
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The ‘Cake Boss’ of Milwaukee: How a Latina Mom Became a World-Class Fondant Sculptor and Entrepreneur

Five years ago, Natalia Roman of Wisconsin discovered that her artistic talent could transition into world-class baking skills. With the encouragement of her friends and family, she got the push she needed to start her own business and become known as the "Cake Boss of Milwaukee."

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Donate $120 Million to Bay Area Schools

Facebook co-founder and his wife make largest donation yet to a school district. This time the donation is closer to home.
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SMWF 2014: Future of Social Intelligence: Missed Opportunities Available as Technology, Computing Power Grows

Brandwatch global Chief Marketing Officer Will McInnes wants you to think how much the world has changed in the last 10-20 years. From business, education, globalization, politics and the rise of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries, McInnes said, “It’s astonishing.”

SMWF 2014: Adobe, Intel, State Street Social Media Execs Talk Brand Reputation by Empowering Employees

Social media can be a powerful if used correctly, and employers could utilize the platform to motivate their employees and establish a better brand status.
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SMWF 2014: MasterCard 'Priceless Surprises' Campaign 'Successful' Using 'Storytelling, Emotion, Surprises'

MasterCard's "Priceless Surprises" campaign launched in January, and the campaign has proven successful for the credit card company in terms of social media presence and against rivals.
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Facebook Removes Elliot Rodger Fan Pages

Several fan pages glorifying Elliot Rodger, the college student who took the lives of six people last Friday, have sprung up throughout Facebook.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Starts Listening and Reminds Us of Privacy, While Twitter Is Dying on Wall Street

This week in social media, Facebook added a Shazam-like feature that can automatically tag music, TV or movies in status updates, just by listening in to your life. Speaking of listening in, Facebook also changed some of its privacy settings for the better with a reminder for users what privacy level their status updates are set to. Also, Twitter's having a bad week on Wall Street (again) while both it and rival Instagram are meeting resistance abroad.
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Facebook Product Director Mike Hudack Posts Rant Against CNN, Nation's Media

Mike Hudack, Facebook's director of product, wrote a lengthy, self-proclaimed rant Thursday in which he blasts the current state of the media and its lack of serious news coverage.
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