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Hispanics Index Higher on Smartphone, Tablet Use for Local Shopping than Non-Hispanics in US, Says Study

Hispanics in the United States (U.S.) are utilizing mobile devices more than ever, and a new report suggests the demographic outpace non-Hispanics when it comes to shopping.

Facebook Hires $200K Police Officer for Headquarters in Menlo Park

The cop patrols the Facebook community
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Facebook Announces Anti-Gun Initiative Against Illicit Firearms Sales

The social media company Facebook, which owns Instagram, announced that over the next few weeks it would implement a new set of restrictions on commercial activity use of the sites.
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Time Warner Cable Makes Calls to Mexico Free - Reaching Out to Latinos as WhatsApp Threatens Status Quo

With dirt-cheap international messaging apps like WhatsApp coming to prominence, thanks to Facebook's not-so-cheap acquisition of the company, the pressure is on telecoms to keep their customers, like many Latinos, who frequently communicate across borders. Time Warner Cable (which also provides phone service) is responding with free calls to Mexico.
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Former Prep School Headmaster Loses $80,000 Settlement After Daughter's Facebook Post

The teenage daughter of a former private preparatory school headmaster in Miami, Fla. cost her parents an $80,000 lawsuit settlement after posting the deals of the agreement on her Facebook page.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook's Search History, Reddit's Breaking News, and Instagram Gets the Dalai Lama

This week, Tumblr began reaching out to entertainment marketers, Facebook made everyone cringe by making search history available for perusal, and Reddit is trying to become the future of reporting by adding a live reporting function. All that, and the world religious figure that just joined Instagram: it's time for Social Media Saturday!

WhatsApp To Add Voice Calls, While Text Feature Puts Pressure on Telecoms

WhatsApp will add voice calling later this year, putting even more pressure on big telecommunications companies, after Facebook recently acquired the insurgent company for $19 billion.

Why the Free App 'Telegram' Became So Popular So Fast

Telegram combines features of both
Talking Angela

Is the Talking Angela iOS Game Safe for Kids?

There are rumors about hackers using the app to target children

'Dead Trigger 2' is First Ever First-Person Zombie Shooter Game on Facebook

Aside from its social feature, Facebook is also known to carry cutesy and wholesome games such as the "Candy Crush Saga", "FarmVille", and "Pet Society". But all that's about to change with the introduction of "Dead Trigger 2".

Is WhatsApp the Future Of Facebook ?

Now that Facebook has bought WhatsApp for $19 Billion dollars worth, Facebook has to look forward to their future, that is more users and more access. WhatsApp will help.
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White House Confronts 'Patent Trolls' and Improves Inventors and Innovators' Innovation Efforts with USPTO

The White House are hoping to major progress with new initiatives aimed to combat patent trolls while enhancing and protecting American inventors and innovations.

Hispanics in Social Media: Latinas Use Social Networks for Friends, Exclusives, and News, Says U.S. Study

Social media has been used to connect with friends and other services, and one demographic utilizing that aspect is Hispanic women in the United States.
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Latin America's Internet Users to Hit 393 Million By 2017; Facebook, Social Media Major Influence

Latin Americans' Internet access has been expanding and is projected to grow by nearly 100 million users in the next three years.

Why Facebook is Buying WhatsApp for $19 Billion: Mobile and Emerging Markets

Facebook has decided to make its largest purchase ever with the acquisition of popular messaging service WhatsApp. Why did this messaging app fetch one of the largest sums in the web industry's recent history? Here are a few reasons.

U.S. Hispanics on Facebook, Twitter Higher than Non-Hispanic Whites, African Americans; Brands to Connect to Hispanic Consumers

Latinos' $1.5 Billion Spending Power Attracts Brands on Facebook
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