Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Vows To "Hack" Immigration Reform

Undocumented immigrants who are a little more than slightly tech-savvy have an unlikely savior in Mark Zuckerberg, who has vowed to "hack" immigration reform with his latest hiring policy.

Snapchat to Facebook: Oh Snap! Thanks but No Thanks, We're Not Selling!

Facebook may want social media-domination, but they need to keep teens interested and engaged to do so. When the world's largest social network noticed that teens' usage is on the decline, and the increasingly popular messaging service, Snapchat, is on the rise, they had to act snappy and make an enticing offer.

Mark Zuckerberg's DREAMer Hackathon to Give Tech Savvy Immigrants a Platform to Shine

When you combine innovative tech gurus like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Dropbox's Drew Houston, Microsoft's Bill Gates and LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman with creative thinkers who are passionate and directly affected by immigration reform in the U.S., you have a powerful formula geared towards change.

Beheadings But Not Breasts: How Does Facebook Define Inappropriate Content?

Social Media mega-site Facebook is receiving slack for allowing the uploading and sharing of graphic/extreme content, which includes beheadings, but opposing the uploading of images/videos that contain nudity –like women breastfeeding their children.

Smile, Your Face Might Appear in Google Ads

Google+ is adding a lot of pluses these days, and one that users will not be happy about -- being featured in an ad that could include your username, picture and comments, without being compensated for it.
Grandpa Letter

Dad Disowns Daughter for Rejecting Gay Son, Letter Goes Viral

Coming out as a homosexual is often very difficult for a young person, especially when their parents are not supportive. Recently, a letter of a grandfather disowning his daughter for her treatment of his gay grandson has gone viral.
Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Struggles with Substance Abuse

On Sept. 18, Jada Pinkett Smith turned 42 and takes a look back on the road she's been on and where she is now. She shared her thoughts about getting older on Facebook. She revealed and admitted to previously struggling with addictions.

Immigration Reform News 2013: Mark Zuckerberg Publicly Supports Reform At DREAMer Event

The immigration reform movement just got a very large, and very high tech, supporter. Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire founder of Facebook, has publicly stated his desire to help push immigration reform through his advocacy group

Zynga Sues 'Bang With Friends' Sex App for Trademark Infringement

The social gaming company Zynga has filed a lawsuit against the makers of a popular Facebook application made for enabling hook ups between Facebook friends. Known as "Bang With Friends," the application allows users to pick which friends they would have sex with, and if that friend has picked them as well, both parties are notified.

Facebook Mobile Games Promotion Begins, For A Price

On Tuesday, Facebook announced that it was expanding its mobile empire with Facebook Mobile Games Publishing. The company's new pilot program intends to help small developers promote games for Facebook, as well as grow the social media network's huge mobile portfolio.

Facebook Hashtag Functionality Announced

Move over Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, you won't be the only ones utilizing the now-famous hashtag appendage to link up conversation over the hottest topics on the internet. Social networking collossus Facebook has just revealed that it too is getting into the hashtag game.

Investigation Into Obscene Military Site; Rep. Speier Demands Immediate Action

One particularly derogatory Facebook site used by many former and current military personnel has come to light, and one lawmaker is none too happy about it.

South Beach Doctor Accused Of Vicious Attack Against Girlfriend Over Facebook Post

The doctor, a plastic surgeon, allegedly beat up his girlfriend for roughly 16 hours last month because of something she posted on the social networking site.
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