Comcast-Time Warner Merger: FCC Promotes Competition, Comcast Not Worried

As federal regulators saddle up to the job of poring over a potential merger between cable giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler delivered a speech last week that seemed to strike a dagger into the heart of the deal. Comcast, however, doesn't seem to think so.
Federal Communications Commission Proposes New Open Internet Rules

Net Neutrality: FCC Extends Open Internet Comment Period to September 15

The U.S. Federal Communication Commission decided it would continue to accept comments on its Open Internet rules until September 15, which gives the public a little more time to submit their opinion on whether or not the new proposed framework does enough to protect a free and open Internet.
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So Few Handwritten Anti-Net Neutrality FCC Comments, They Don't Even Show Up in Analysis Infographic

The public response to the Federal Communications Commission's open comment period for its controversial reformulation of its formerly Net Neutrality-friendly Open Internet rules has been huge -- the highest ever for an FCC policy procedure. Now one analysis of the comments shows the vast majority were pro-Net Neutrality. And there were so few unique "anti" comments, they don't even register on the analysis' infographic.

FCC Announces Open Internet Roundtables, Senator Says It's Not Enough

Late last week, the Federal Communications Commission announced it was going to do a series of roundtable discussions about the Open Internet. It would be hosted in the FCC's Washington D.C. offices and streamed on the Internet. Now Senator Patrick Leahy is telling the FCC that's not enough.
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FCC Condemns Sprint and T-Mobile Spectrum Coalition

Sprint and T-Mobile received another blow late last week as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made it clear that it would not be supportive of joint bids during next year's spectrum auction.

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Faces New $15 Billion Bid from Iliad

The possible merger between Sprint and T-Mobile received another potential obstacle Thursday when French telecommunications firm Iliad entered the fray with a $15 billion bid for T-Mobile.

FCC Net Neutrality Debate Causes Split, Tensions Among Latino Groups

The FCC Net Neutrality debate has caused division between minority and Latino advocacy organizations, sparking a war of words between two, in particular.

Latino Watchdogs Call for Strongest Net Neutrality as First FCC Open Internet Comment Deadline Expires

Latino watchdogs and advocacy groups are putting a lot of pressure on the FCC over Net Neutrality and its proposed new Open Internet rules.
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Dish Network Blasts Comcast and Time Warner Merger

As lawmakers ready themselves to take a long, hard look at a merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, satellite TV provider Dish Network has come out saying the entire deal should be denied.
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FCC's Tom Wheeler Wants to Eliminate Community Broadband-Killing State Laws

Chairman Tom Wheeler, of the Federal Communications Commission, has hinted that the agency might be interested in increasing Internet broadband competition by stopping local and state laws, often imposed with pressure by big incumbent Internet service providers, that outlaw municipal broadband.
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FCC to Look Into Netflix, Verizon, Comcast, and other ISP Connection Fights

Netflix's public disputes with ISPs have lead the Federal Communications Commission to take a look at paid interconnection deals, and a little light is already being shed on the contentious issue of paid peering.
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FCC on Cybersecurity: Service Providers Need to Beef Up Defenses

The growing threat of cybersecurity has drawn many new faces into the battle. It isn't just hackers and victims anymore — there are governments involved now, too. The FCC is the latest arm of the U.S. government to join the fray, offering to provide regulatory guidance to network service providers if they can't step up security for their customers.
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Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: Son on the Offensive Again

Despite concerns over regulatory hurdles, SoftBank chief executive and Sprint chairman Masayoshi Son reiterated the need for a merger with T-Mobile and praised the fellow carrier at Recode's Code Conference in California Wednesday.
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Comcast's CEO Defends Making Netflix Pay, As FCC Promises to Look Into It

In the wake of news that the Federal Communications Commission had decided to look into the issue of paid peering on the internet, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts took the stage at Re/code's Code Conference Wednesday. Doing his best to talk about anything but broadband, Roberts was forced to give his opinion about the issue.

Progressive Group Keeps Net Neutrality Pressure on FCC With New Video

The same group that brought us the strong message from Senator Al Franken calling net neutrality the "free speech issue of our time," the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) and, is keeping up the pressure against "fast lanes." This time, they're targeting a younger audience.
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Google Fiber Remains Our Only Hope: Says It Won't Charge for Peering

What's been a side show to the general battle over net neutrality, the possible Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger, and the FCC is the more technical issue of network interconnects and "paid peering." Google Fiber -- which has been seen as the only hope for a fair, open internet if the FCC allows "fast lanes" and the largest cable merger in history -- just announced it doesn't and won't charge for peering.
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