Steve Wozniak Apple co-founder

Steve Wozniak Calls for Net Neutrality, but Would Apple Be Okay with 'Fast Lanes'?

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak published an open letter on Tuesday calling the current action on Net Neutrality one of the "most important times ever" for the FCC. At the same time, reports that Apple has made interconnection deals with ISPs might indicate that the company he helped found doesn't have a problem with the proposed "fast lanes" of the internet.
Hispanic Chamber of e-commerce HISCEC

Exclusive: FCC Spectrum Auction Impact: Hispanic-Owned Businesses Should Create Online Presence Now, Says Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce

It is no secret that the rate of Hispanic-owned businesses and entrepreneurs are growing in the United States, but a reason why some firms struggle appear to be lack of wireless technology understanding.
Javier Palomarez, President and CEO of USHCC US hispanic Chamber of Commerce

FCC Spectrum Auction Impact on Hispanic-Owned Businesses: Congested Airwaves May Hinder Latino Firms

Texas has become a breeding ground for Hispanic-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, but wireless technologies appear to be a problem in targeting audiences and markets.
Cell Tower

FCC Says 2015 Spectrum Auction Isn't Just for the Big Guys

The FCC may be on the front pages for its take on net neutrality but agency regulators quietly voted in a rule Thursday for the 2015 spectrum auction that has major telecom companies AT&T and Verizon steamed. Why? They won't be able to buy as much spectrum as they'd probably like.
FCC Open Internet Meeting

Amid Protests, FCC Proceeds on Controversial Open Internet Proposal — Now You Can Speak Out

At the Federal Communications Commission's meeting on Thursday to take the first step towards controversial new Open Internet rules, it seemed no one on either side of the political spectrum -- inside or outside of the building -- was entirely satisfied by the proposal. Nevertheless, the FCC voted to advance the process of adopting new rules that may drastically reshape the way the Internet works.

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: Costs $1B Just to 'Ask' T-Mobile

Deutsche Telekom AG, the parent company of T-Mobile, is demanding a $1 billion breakup fee if Sprint parent company SoftBank isn't able to convince U.S. regulators that Sprint should be allowed to buy out T-Mobile.
Net neutrality, open internet, protests

FCC Chairman Circulates Revised Open Internet Rules After Public Outcry

Amid a large and growing backlash from advocacy groups and top Internet companies to the Federal Communication Commission's draft Open Internet proposal, the FCC is considering yet a new draft to mollify critics. The changes reportedly emphasize the FCC's willingness to reclassify broadband providers if anti-net neutrality practices become widespread.
Net neutrality, open internet, protests

Hispanic Advocacy Groups Call On FCC to Abandon Its New Open Internet Rules

Earlier this week, a large coalition of internet companies released an open letter to the Federal Communications Commission warning that its purported new Open Internet rules, ostensibly meant to protect net neutrality, actually "represents a grave threat to the Internet." Now a large coalition of interest groups, including some prominent Latino organizations, has done the same.

Net Neutrality: Netflix Goes Directly to the FCC as Google, Yahoo, and Others May Launch a SOPA-Style Protest

In the wake of leaks about new, weaker, Open Internet rules proposed by the Federal Communications Commission, and soon after Netflix had to pay two internet service providers for better access to their customers, Netflix has taken its concerns directly to the FCC. Meanwhile, Google, Yahoo, and other internet heavies may be planning a SOPA-like grassroots protest for net neutrality.

The FCC's New Net Neutrality Rules Will Be the Opposite of Net Neutrality - Opinion

The Federal Communications Commission will propose new Open Internet rules supposedly meant to protect consumers and internet businesses later this month. They will do nothing of the kind, giving big broadband companies exactly the kind of anti-net neutrality power they've wanted for years, at a time when the concept of net neutrality desperately needs enforcement.
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Netflix Begrudgingly Pays for Better Access, Again — This Time It's Verizon

Netflix has made it very clear that it doesn't think it should have to pay Internet service providers to get quality streaming service to an ISP's subscribers, going so far as to make a case for a new "strong net neutrality" that protects them (and presumably others) from such fees. Nevertheless, the company has made a deal with Verizon for better access.
Masayoshi Son

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Could Shake Up the 2015 FCC Spectrum Auction

A merger between Sprint and T-Mobile could set off a chain of events that change the rules for the 2015 FCC spectrum auction, according to recent reports.

Is Net Neutrality Terminal? FCC Proposal May Pull the Plug For Good on May 15

The Federal Communications Commission will release a proposal soon on a new set of Open Internet rules to replace the net neutrality-friendly rules recently struck down by a federal court. But early leaks suggest the new replacement system is not so net neutrality-friendly, sparking a war of words between FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and the tech community.
House of Cards

Comcast/TWC Merger: Netflix Announces Opposition, Subscription Fee Increase in Underwood-Like Maneuver

The public fight over Comcast video streaming fees, its possible Time Warner Cable merger, and Netflix just got more heated. On Monday, Netflix announced it would raise subscriber fees (as predicted, but only for new users), and simultaneously voiced strong opposition to the proposed Comcast buy-out of TWC.
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FCC Hints at Incentive Auction Aims, Freeing Wireless for Next-Generation Data and WiFi

The Federal Communications Commission just divulged some of their plans to free up wireless spectrum in the U.S. If successful, the FCC's plan will allow for more open airwaves that could lead to better WiFi, Bluetooth, and wireless broadband innovation, but setting it up is not an easy task.
fcc tom wheeler net neutrality

Be More Like Netflix, Says FCC's Tom Wheeler to Broadcasters

While the internet has become the place for young Americans to get all forms of entertainment and news, TV broadcasters are being left in the dust by online media. This week, the National Association of Broadcasters and the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission both accused each other of being asleep at the wheel.
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