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Comcast's Competitors? Cable Giant Sees Many Rivals in Arguing For TWC Merger - Part 2: Wireless

Comcast filed its bid for buying Time Warner Cable with the Federal Communications Commission this week, and outlined its arguments in a blog post as well. In part two of a long, hard look at Comcast's arguments, let's discuss the rivals the largest cable operator in the U.S. sees in wireless telecoms.
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Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: Could the 2015 FCC Spectrum Auction Give SoftBank a Case?

A major wireless spectrum auction next year is set to shake up the wireless industry, and it could provide Sprint and its parent company, Japan-based SoftBank Corp., with a case for acquiring fellow carrier T-Mobile amidst concerns of further market consolidation.
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FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to Take Action on Wireless Spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission announced its planning on moving forward with a proposal to experiment with wireless spectrum - the limited resource that increasing mobile internet use has made even more precious.
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Netflix's Net Neutrality and the Problem of 'Scarcity'

On Thursday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings came out in favor of stronger net neutrality rules. Hastings supports a version of net neutrality that would help Netflix stream to customers without constant buffering - and without Netflix having to pay extra to internet service providers. But the root problem for Netflix and customers isn't the "toll" that Netflix recently had to pay for direct access - it's America's bandwidth scarcity.
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Netflix Wants Stronger Net Neutrality: Is Hastings Pulling an Underwood?

Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings came out in favor of stronger net neutrality standards on Thursday. But is he protecting customers or the bottom line?
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FCC Rule Changes, Reexamining Media Ownership, Applauded by Latino Group

The recent row over the Federal Communications Commission's Open Internet rules, and net neutrality in general, isn't the only thing going on in the world of cable and its government regulator. Recent regulatory changes signaled by FCC chairman Tom Wheeler have been positive signs beyond the Open Internet kerfuffle, and a Latino watchdog is happy.

National Latino Groups Respond to Comcast Merger, FCC Plans with Optimism, Skepticism

With the Federal Communications Commission going back to the drawing board on Net Neutrality and Comcast recently announcing its proposed take-over of Time Warner Cable, the internet landscape as we know it is changing. National Latino organizations are reacting - with what could be described as "skeptical optimism."
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Smartphone 'Kill Switch' Bill Introduced to U.S. Congress, Legislation Allows Consumers to Delete Private Info During Theft for Free

Members of the U.S. Congress are working on legislation that would mandate the addition of a "kill switch" for all smartphones purchased in the United States.
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Comcast To Buy Time Warner Cable, Sparking Regulatory and Net Neutrality Concerns

Cable TV and internet giant Comcast has reached a deal to buy cable TV and internet giant Time Warner Cable for around $45.2 billion. The merger, which was announced Thursday but broke late Wednesday, would create a television and internet behemoth the likes of which we've never seen - if it's approved.

Net Neutrality Ruling Will Disempower Latinos, says National Hispanic Media Coalition VP

A federal appeals court effectively struck down the Federal Communications Commission's Net Neutrality rules for internet providers on Tuesday last week, which is a very bad thing for Latinos and other minorities, according to Jessica Gonzales of the National Hispanic Media Coalition.
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Net Neutrality: FCC Chairman Tells Minority Media & Telecom Council He'll Fight, But Cautiously

Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler told the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) - a national non-profit organization dedicated to preserving civil rights in mass media and closing the digital divide for minorities including Latinos - that the FCC would find other ways to enforce the Net Neutrality-based Open Internet Order that was discontinued after the U.S. Court of Appeals for Washington D.C. struck it down on Tuesday.
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AT&T Sponsored Data, Net Neutrality, and the Spotty Coverage of FCC Policy

In 2010, powerful wireless internet providers scored big when the Federal Communications Commission exempted wireless telecommunications companies from key "Open Internet" (Net Neutrality-related) regulations. That exemption, which at the time was seen as an obvious, confusing oversight, has come back in the form of what could be a substantial challenge to Net Neutrality from AT&T's new "sponsored data" policy.
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