New Series About Iconic Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo Is in the Making, Report Says

New Series About Iconic Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo Is in the Making, Report Says

CIC Media is reportedly partnering with the Frida Kahlo Corporation and Venezuelan composer and singer Carlos Baute to create a new drama series showing the iconic Mexican artist's life.

Frida Kahlo Paintings Come To Life in Online Ballet Production

As the world confronts the challenges brought by the COVID-19 outbreak, theaters are forced to close but some have brought their productions online, including this Frida Kahlo-inspired ballet production.
New Frida Kahlo Play Suggests She Died By Suicide

New Play Suggests Frida Kahlo Committed Suicide

A new play about Frida Kahlo is in the works, but is quite controversial, as it suggests the Mexican artist died by suicide.
Salma Hayek alongside with the monkey who attacked her years ago.

Salma Hayek Severely Injured After Monkey in Frida Attacked Her

Salma Hayek recalls her wild through Hollywood. She discusses early movie roles, awards shows, fashion and even when she got attacked by her monkey co-star Tyson.

Largest Frida Kahlo Art Exhibit Is Coming to Chicago in 2020

"Frida Kahlo 2020", which features Frida Kahlo's greatest works, will be exhibited in the summer of 2020 in Chicago.
This Little Frida Kahlo-Impersonator Is Excited for the Big Birthday Celebration

Frida Kahlo Festival in Dallas Is Setting a World Record

Fans are preparing to set a Gunness World Record on July 6 celebrating the artist's birthday.

'FRIDA KAHLO: Mexican Artist's 'Deep Connection to the Natural World' Showcased at The New York Botanical Garden [EXCLUSIVE]

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was a creative genius, an intellect who was ahead of her time, a strong woman who was unabashedly herself and unafraid to show her true colors, her rawness and vulnerability with the world. Yet the same time, there was another piece to her beautifully complex artistic realm where the enlightened yet tormented muse intensely connected with the natural world. A place where plants and animals represented innovative scientific, worldly and personal themes and personal connections.
Frida Kahlo, Ishiuchi Miyako

Frida Kahlo's Private Possessions Unveiled 50 Years After Her Death in Photographic Series

Mexican painter and fierce fashionista Frida Kahlo showcased an assemblage of stylish fashion as frequently as she displayed provocative artwork. Fifty years after her death, Kahlo's sealed wardrobe has been pried open, revealing pieces: beautiful Tehuana dresses, cat-eye glasses, contoured corsets and much more.
Cartoonist and Illustrator Felipe Galindo

Award-Wining Mexican Cartoonist Opens Up on 'Frida Kahlo's New York' Showcase, Charlie Hebdo Tragedy (EXCLUSIVE)

Can you imagine legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo walking through the streets of New York City, almost as if she was a vibrant Mexican painting that came to life - merging the past within a contemporary backdrop? Award-winning, Mexican-American cartoonist and illustrator Felipe Galindo/Feggo is bringing these illustrations to life with his "Frida Kahlo's New York" an exhibition at The Mark Miller Gallery this May.
Migguel Anggelo

Brooklyn-based, Venezuelan-born Singer-Storyteller Migguel Anggelo Awakens the Senses, Wows Sold-Out Crowd at Joe's Pub in NYC with "Between Dreams/ Entre Sueños" Concert

How do you find the extraordinary in the ordinary? What makes a performer truly come alive on stage? After recently watching Brooklyn-based, Venezuelan-born, singer, dancer, artist and storyteller, Migguel Anggelo perform "Between Dreams / Entre Sueños" to a sold-out crowd at Joe's Pub at the Public in New York, I was reminded of how life can imitate art and art can imitate life.

'Nuestra Belleza Latina' Recap: The Beauties Dance, But Enrique Iglesias & Henry Santos Steal the Show

In this week's episode of "Nuestra Belleza Latina," the beauties had to take a backseat to the many guests that appeared throughout the show.
Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz have combined for two wins and six nominations at the Academy Awards. What other Spaniards have struck gold at the Oscars?

Latin Love Throughout the Ages

Romeo and Juliet, and Tristan and Isolde are accessible (fictional) examples that may come to mind, but the history books –and succeeding web pages– are lush with examples of Latin couples who’ve affected history by being revolutionary, dynamic, passionate, and/or the talk-of-the-time.

Frida Kahlo's Fashion Sense: Museum Reveals Artist's Wardrobe as a Collection of Complexity, Culture and Grace

"She had the courage to paint women's pain, which must never be revealed in patriarchal warrior societies. Yet she was true to her longing, as a female, to create beauty even out of an imperfect female body. Viva Frida! I visited Casa Azul, and everything I see and read about her still touches the deepest core of my feminine soul," said Gloria Bertonis, a fan of Kahlo.

The Importance of Frida Kahlo's Life and Work

Coyoacan-born artist Frida Kahlo moved in surrealism and magic realism - though she once stated, “I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.” She created paintings that celebrated Mexican, Amerindian and indigenous tradition, while at the same time capturing her sorrow, her honesty and her hope. To understand her work is to understand her life.
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