From Mexico to the world: "Cielito Lindo" at Cannes (VIDEO)

Guillermo del Toro, Gael García, Diego Luna, González Iñárritu and Benicio del Toro sang along
Screening And Q&A For Amazon's 'Mozart In The Jungle' - Panel

'Mozart in the Jungle' Cast Talks Production, Season 3 as Release Date Looms: 'New Romance to Brew' and Shooting 'Pretty Soon' [PHOTOS]

While there is still no concrete news on the dates when "Mozart in the Jungle's" third season will premiere, there are concrete details on a FYC screening and Q&A panel session that the cast participated in on April 21, 2016 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.
Mozart in the Jungle

Implications of Amazon's Renewal of Third Season of 'Mozart in the Jungle'

Over the past few years, Amazon has really done its best to get involved with the content production side of television, producing a number of series to rival its most direct competitor Netflix.
Oscar Issac

What's Next for Latino Stars Following Success at Golden Globes?

The Golden Globes offered a number of surprises but also showed a lot of love for Latin actors and directors as three Latinos went on to win Globes. This showed a mix of diversity to the organization as many awards groups, particularly the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, have been criticized for the lack of diversity in its winners and nominees.

First Trailer to Jonas Cuaron's 'Desierto' Released

The first trailer to Jonas Cuaron's "Desierto" has been released.
Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal's 'Zoom' Gets Distribution Deal

Gael Garcia Bernal's latest film "Zoom" has been picked up by Screen Media Films.
Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal's Film 'If You Saw His Heart' Picked Up by MK2

The international sales rights for one of Gael Garcia Bernal's upcoming films has been acquired by MK2.
El Ardor

El Ardor Movie Review: An Homage to Sergio Leone by Argentine Helmer Pablo Fendrik

"El Ardor" is undoubtedly well-intentioned as homage to Leone. However, it often gets bogged down in its references that it ultimately falters in its transformation into an individual piece of work.
Oscars 2015: Why Gael Garcia Bernal Should Get An Oscar Nomination for 'Rosewater'

Oscars 2015 Predictions: Why Gael Garcia Bernal Should Get An Oscar Nomination for 'Rosewater'

Earlier this weekend, Jon Stewart's directorial debut "Rosewater" opened to rave reviews and scored Mexican-born actor Gael Garcia Bernal some of the best reviews of his career.However, the opening lacked Oscar buzz and struggled to garner a big audience. Will that change?
Gael Garcia Bernal Among Oscar Contenders for Best Actor

Oscar 2015 Prediction Best Actor: Mexican Actor Gael Garcia Bernal, Steve Carell Among Strong Field of Contenders

The best actor race is one of the most competitive categories at the Academy Awards. Every year the race leaves out many worthy competitors due to the number of great performances. This year will definitely not be the exception as there are a number of promising contenders.
Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael García Bernal's Wife, Dolores Fonzi, Does Everything While High & Smokes In Front of Children

The actress has been smoked marijuana for 20 years, and she continues to do it in front of her children.

Spanish-Language Celebrities Who've Become Hollywood Stars: Crossover Successes

Spanish-language celebrities who’ve found popularity among Latino audiences before transitioning to the Hollywood scene know that this success can take years.
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