US Health Care Workers Start to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Shots

US Health Care Workers Start to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Shots

Health care workers in the country are starting to receive COVID-19 shots on Monday with hopes that an all-out vaccination effort will curb the further spread of the coronavirus.
FILE PHOTO: Judge Amy Coney Barrett poses in an undated photograph obtained from Notre Dame University

What You Need to Know About Amy Coney Barrett's Views

Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick, could lead to a more right leaning court in the years to come.
U.S. President Trump campaigns in Charlotte, North Carolina

Trump Lays Out Health Care Vision, Signs EOs to Focus on These 2 Issues

President Donald Trump has laid out his health care "vision" on Thursday, addressing two major issues facing Americans.
President Trump Delivers Remarks On His Healthcare Policies In North Carolina

Trump Promises $200 Drug Discount Cards to Seniors

President Donald Trump pledged to send out millions of $200 drug discount cards to senior citizens for the cost of prescription drugs.
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Ease Common Colds and Flu With These Affordable Humidifiers

Keep your home safe from the common cold and flu with these three best humidifiers currently out on the market.
Democrats Arranged a Meeting with Los Angeles Leaders to talk about the Improvement of Latino Health Care

Democrats Meet in Los Angeles to Discuss Latino Health Care

Democrats talks with Los Angeles leaders regarding Latino Health Care.
Hookers 4 Hillary

Bunny Ranch Brothel Workers Support Hillary Clinton, Praise Healthcare Plan

Hillary Clinton now has the support of almost 500 legal prostitutes in Nevada. Brothel workers at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada formed a group called Hookers 4 Hillary and are endorsing Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Dolly Elizondo

TURNOUT: Latina Congressional Candidate Dolly Elizondo Hopes to Break Glass Ceiling in Lone Star State

There has never been a Latina from Texas elected to the U.S. Congress, and Dolly Elizondo is campaigning to break that glass ceiling for the Lone Star State while championing the issues of education and immigration.
John Kasich

John Kasich on the Issues

Although not as well-known as his fellow GOP presidential hopefuls, John Kasich, the current governor of Ohio, has been quietly rising in the polls.
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare-for-All' Plan Estimated at $1.4 Trillion Per Year

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders disclosed his “Medicare-for-all” plan, which the Vermont senator says will save the country $6 trillion over the next 10 years.
2.5 Million Enroll for Obamacare in 4 Weeks As Spanish Calls Rise

Uninsured Rates Narrow Under the Affordable Care Act, Gaps in Coverage Persist

Under the Affordable Care Act, uninsured rates have narrowed for both black and Hispanic adults, yet Hispanics and blacks continue to face huge gaps in coverage, according to a new study.
Martin O'Malley

Martin O'Malley Calls for Equal Economic Rights in Puerto Rico as Island Defaults on Debt Payments

While there are no Electoral College votes from Puerto Rico, the 2016 presidential candidates have been making the outreach toward the commonwealth island. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley became the first 2016 presidential candidate, regardless of political party, to travel to Puerto Rico to address the economic and health crisis affecting 3.6 million inhabitants.
Martin O'Malley

TURNOUT: Martin O'Malley on Latinos' Top Issues: Immigration, Education, Economy, and Healthcare

Based on Latino Decisions' latest study, more than 13 million Latinos will vote in the 2016 presidential election, and Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley has made strides on connecting with the voting bloc by issues to the community.
DACA Deferred action for childhood arrivals united workers foundation immigrants immigration

California Lawmakers Invest $55 Million to Improve Healthcare, DACA Applications for State's Immigrants

California lawmakers agreed to invest millions for the state’s immigrant population, from health care, education, legal services and community integration.
Barack obama

Latinos Risk Healthcare Insurance Loss But President Obama 'Optimistic' As Obamacare Ruling Looms

More than six million Americans may lose their health insurance pending a U.S. Supreme Court decision, but President Barack Obama is confident the highest court in the country will rule in favor of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
get covered

#VLHealth G+ Chat with HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell Highlights Affordable Care Act Changes as Feb. 15 Deadline Nears

About 2.6 million Latinos have gained healthcare coverage since the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA; Obamacare) was first unrolled, translating to an 8 percent drop in uninsured Latinos. That said, 25 percent of Latinos remain uninsured.
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