Inspiring Coach Rob Mendez Leads Team To Winning Season

106-0 Victory; California High School Officials Condemn Football Team After Mounting Century Margin to Opponent

The athletics governing body of a California high school blasted one of the top football schools in the state following their over century victory, 106-0, on Saturday.
Tennessee High School Student Killed In Shootout With Police

Tennessee High School Student Killed In Shootout With Police

After a shooting incident at Austin-East Magnet High School in East Tennessee on Monday afternoon, a student was killed, and a police officer was hurt.
Pitcher Throws Unhittable Curveball

Teen Pitcher with Defected Hand Throws Unhittable Curveball

High-schooler uses his disability to make his dream come true
Boy, Child

'Don't Call Them Dropouts:' a New Portrait of Non-Graduates in America

A new report from the America's Promise Alliance and its Center for Promise at Tufts University, "Don't Call Them Dropouts: Understanding the Experiences of Young People Who Leave High School before Graduation," paints a detailed portrait of this demographic.
High School Students

Yik Yak Social Media App Used to Bully High School Students

The new social media app, Yik Yak, which acts a "virtual bulletin board" has been growing in popularity among college students but for high schools, it often times is used to bully and issue threats to other students.

Mexican-American Studies and Additional Ethnic Studies to be Offered to Texas High School Students

Hispanics (whether Criollo or Mestizo) were recognized as the first American citizens in the freshly acquired Southwest territory, following the Mexican-American War; and Latinos remained a majority in many states until the end of the 19th century. Students in Texas, perhaps, are unaware of these facts, because for a long time, Mexican-American Studies wasn't a priority in the state; however, the Texas State Board of Education has opted to Latino History lessons to the state's children, providing an ethnically oriented state-approved curriculum to Texas schools.
Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez: A Latino Civil Rights Leader's Life and Career Remembered

Chavez inspired a wave of Latino activism

Institutional Racism Begins As Early As Preschool, Study Says

A report, released Friday by the Department of Education's civil rights arm, revealed that in U.S. public schools, black students - even as young as preschoolers - are more likely to get suspended than any other race.

6 Best Telenovelas of All Time: Marimar, El Clon, and More

"Cambiame la novela pa que tu vea!" It's all in good fun...hopefully. Here are some of the most memorable telenovelas of our teenage years.

Hispanic College Attendance Rate Surpasses Whites, Hits Record High

For the first time, the percentage of Hispanic high school graduates who go on to attend college is higher than that of their white counterparts.
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