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Is Apple Planning a New 4-inch iPhone in 2016? 20 Percent of iPhone Users Could Be a Big Incentive

Apple may be working on a new 4-inch iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 6C by the tech press, for an early 2016 release date. An unusual move for Apple, no doubt, but judging by the demand for a modern iPhone with a "classic" form factor, it may turn out be the smartest thing Apple could do.
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Major Performance Improvements Reported for iOS 9, But Will Most iPhone Owners Be Left Out in the Cold?

Apple's iOS 7 introduced Jony Ive's redesigned flat interface and a slew of new features built around it. Then iOS 8 brought the Mac and the iPhone closer together with a bunch more feature additions, with more incremental updates on the way to add Watch into the mix. It looks like iOS 9 won't be packed to the gills with more new stuff, but will finally make sure all of it reliably works.
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T-Mobile Cyber Monday iPhone 6 Deal Knocks $100 off Memory Upgrade

In the spirit of the holidays, T-Mobile is offering a pretty savory Cyber Monday deal on a brand new iPhone 6.
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Apple iPhone Crime Trending Down: Smartphone Kill Switches Work in Deterring Theft

After a contentious year of debate over whether and how to implement smartphone "kill switches" -- applications that allow users to disable their lost or stolen devices remotely -- it looks like most smartphones will come with that option in an attempt to deter smartphone theft. Here's good news from Apple: They work.
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Apple Experiments With LiquidMetal Technology for Future Devices

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent Tuesday that involves a special construction process using LiquidMetal and sapphire glass display.
CEO and President of Samsung JK Shin presents the new Samsung Galaxy S5 during the first day of the Mobile World Congress

Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Sensor Questioned by Sen. Al Franken: 13 Questions for Samsung CEOs

U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) has garnered a reputation of questioning privacy implications for not only his constituents but for Americans across the country. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5, Franken wrote a letter to the company's executives regarding the smartphone's fingerprint scanner.
Samsung Galaxy S5

Will the Samsung S5 Match Success of Samsung Galaxy S4? [Video]

Has the newly released Samsung Galaxy S5 come back down to earth?
Google Maps Returns To Apple's iPhone

Is Apple Maps in Trouble After the Latest Google Maps Update?

If you’re using a mapping application on your smartphone than chances are its Google Maps.

Evad3rs Jailbreak Group Member Tweets About iOS 7.1; What About iOS 8 Jailbreak?

A member of the Evad3rs hacking group reminded jailbreak fans last week not to upgrade to iOS 7.1 but provided no indication about the group's plans for future jailbreak updates.

Evad3rs Member Says We Should 'Expect' iOS 8 Jailbreak; iOS 7.1 Update Doubtful

Despite Apple's announcement this week about the release of iOS 7.1.1, the chances of an iOS 7.1 Jailbreak update are starting to slip away.
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US Internet Advertisement Revenues Hit New High of $43 Billion in 2013, Surpasses Broadcast TV Spending

Interactive advertising revenues reached a new peak in the United States (U.S.) based on new data released by the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report.

Google Nexus 6 To Boast 2K Resolution Screen, Curved Display, & 4GB RAM?

Flagship smartphones are known for their powerful processors and sleek designs.

Apple Might Raise Price of iPhone By $100, Analyst Says; iPhone 6 Photo Leaked?

Just months after Apple finally catered to lower-budget markets by releasing the cheaper iPhone 5c, the tech giant might be sending overall iPhone prices back up.
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What Should We Expect With Samsung Galaxy S4 After The S5 Release?

Samsung Galaxy S4 users might be ready to make the switch over to the upgraded Samsung Galaxy S5, but there is no need to rush: Samsung is still providing updates for Android 4.4 KitKat.
Introducing the HTC One M8

HTC One M8 Vs. LG G3: Which Smartphone Will Hold the Android Crown?

If you thought the ongoing Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 battle was gnarly, then your definitely not familiar with the current Android wars of 2014.
Samsung Galaxy S4

Aio Wireless, Net10 Among Best Alternatives To Mainstream Phone Companies

No-contract smartphone plans are all the rage these days.
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