Galleria, Houston

Iraq Refugee Accused of Terrorist Plot to Bomb Houston Malls

An Iraq refugee is being accused of attempting to make electronic transmitters in order to remotely detonate bombs at two Houston malls, a federal agent said Wednesday.
Indonesian Police Guard Blast Site in Jakarta

7 Dead, 20 Injured in Jakarta

The Islamic State militant group has claimed responsibility for a massive terrorist attack in the Indonesian city of Jakarta on Thursday.

Islamic State Video Shows New British Militant, Recalls 'Jihadi John'

The Islamic State released a video featuring a young boy in military fatigues and an older masked man speaking in a British accent.
New York Police, New Year 2016

Cities Increase Security, Cancel Festivities, As Potential New Year's Terror Attacks Loom

Cities across the world have ramped up security measures in anticipation for the New Year's Eve celebrations on Thursday.
Republican presidential candidates (L-R) George Pataki, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

GOP 'Undercard' Debate Recap: Lindsey Graham Controls Terrorism-Focused Debate

Donald Trump and terrorism were the main talking points during the latest "undercard" Republican presidential primary debate on Tuesday.
Barack Obama

GOP Presidential Candidates Criticize Obama's Inaction After Primetime Speech

President Barack Obama addressed how the U.S. will confront terrorism on Sunday night, but the Republican presidential candidates have criticized him for not doing enough.
Syrian refugees

Latino Congressional Lawmakers Split on House Refugee Bill

Two days after its introduction, the House of Representatives passed legislation that would enhance the background investigations for Iraqis and Syrians seeking refuge in the United States.
Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush's Foreign Policy Plan: Hillary Clinton Criticized as Five-Step Plan to Combat ISIS Revealed

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, among the leading Republican presidential hopefuls, revealed his foreign policy plan to improve situations in the Middle East. From the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, Bush said one of the biggest threats currently facing the U.S. is radical Islamic terrorists, who he said are "gaining ground."
Republican GOP presidential debate

GOP Debate 2015 Recap: Seven Republican Presidential Candidates Debate Immigration, Islamic State Terrorism

The first Republican presidential debate covered heavy topics ranging from electability, the Islamic State militant group, immigration and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. The first debate occurred at 5 p.m. EST with seven Republican candidates who did not meet the top 10 criteria by Fox News Channel. The top 10 would debate at a later timeslot of 9 p.m.
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

Republicans Criticize Democratic Presidential Candidates on Climate Change's Link to Middle East Violence

The Republican National Committee (RNC) criticized Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley over his comments linking the Islamic State militant group and climate change, but his campaign was quick to fire back.
economy money dollars

Millennials and Money: Difficulties in Job Searching But Personal Finances 'Fairly Good': Poll

From the Islamic State militant group, climate change and finances millennials have a varied view on the issues based on polling data from Harvard University Institute of Politics (IOP).
Barack Obama

Poll: Voters Oppose Obama's Immigration Executive Actions, Support Ground Troops Against ISIS

A majority of Americans believe President Barack Obama loves America but support for his immigration executive actions are not positive.
 Barack Obama

President Obama to Congress: Authorize War Against Islamic State; Lawmakers React to AUMF

President Barack Obama published his Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) letter to Congress to help “degrade and defeat” the Islamic State militant group.

Barack Obama Job Approval Rating: Disapproval Rate Slips, Improves on Terrorism and Health Care Policy

President Barack Obama’s approval rating and his handling of health care policies and terrorism improved in recent weeks, but the disapproval rating outweighed the positive gains.
Jeanne Shaheen

New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Criticized for 'Appearing Anti-Immigrant,' Missing Senate Hearings

Immigration and terrorism continue to be issues used to attack Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., due to inaction in Congress.
ISIS ISIL Islamic State syria

Islamic State Airstrikes in Syria: House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Lawmakers Support Airstrike Decision

Following the first airstrikes to combat the Islamic State (IS) militant group in Syria, congressional leaders have issued their first comments on the issue while continuing their recess.
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